Lara Jean's Best Outfits

At this point we’ve all see To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and face it, we all loved it. Everyone is talking about how much they fell in love with Peter Kavinsky, but I fell in love with Lara Jeans style! Here are some of her best looks.


  1. The Airport Look

​This look is definitely my favorite in the entire movie, though it was hard to choose. I personally don't like turtlenecks, but Lara Jean rocks it. I love the color and the mini skirt she pairs with it!

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2. The Overalls!

I have been looking for a good pair of overalls since Mamma Mia inspired me, but Lara Jean pulls them off way better than I ever could. Stripes are my go-to pattern right now, and Lara Jean wears plenty of them!


3. The Field Dress

I couldn’t have a list of Lara Jean’s outfits without mentioning this stunning dress! We’ve all had the fantasy of walking in a field in a Victorian Era style dress, and Lara Jean got to live it!

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4. The Suspender Dress

I fell in love with this outfit the moment I saw it. I love the suspenders look, but even more I love the velvet tee!

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5. The Iconic Pink Coat

Lara Jean’s pink coat is the most iconic part of the movie, and she wears it at such a titular moment! I immediately fell in love with it.


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After watching this movie (more times than I will admit) I have been so inspired by every outfit that Lara Jean wore. Brb I have to find every piece online!