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Joey King, who we all know from The Kissing Booth and The Act (or for the real ones, from Ramona and Beezus) got married Saturday, September 2nd in a stunning wedding weekend in Mallorca, Spain.

With the ceremony in front of arches reminiscent of the Anakin and Padme scene famously shot in Lake Como, three Oscar de la Renta dresses, and a pool party celebration, the details of Joey’s picturesque wedding simply blew me away.

Sabrina Carpenter sang Joey down the aisle, wearing a baby blue silk dress with the rest of Joey’s bridesmaids. The altar overlooked the ocean, and the aisle was surrounded by pastel flowers. At the reception, guests ate and drank expresso martinis under arches with vines, with the tables complimented by the same pastel flowers. It looked like a gorgeous mix of a classy Italian wedding and a whimsical fairytale.

The next day, the vibes were even better with a pool party that looks straight out of a Vogue shoot. Joey wore her third Oscar look and guests relaxed on loungers, floaties, or in the bright blue pool. Joey mentions the venue reminded her of The Great Gastsby and let me just tell you, this matches up to those mystical celebrations. If you haven’t seen it already, you need to see the aesthetically perfect wedding ASAP on Vogue!

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