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Jenna Ortega wears these shoes in Wednesday

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The new Netflix adaptation of the classic Addams Family story, Wednesday, premiered on Nov. 23. The show features it-girl Jenna Ortega, who has recently appeared in X, You, and The Fallout. Ortega appears as a dark and twisted amateur investigator who uses her newfound visions to solve a series of murders. It is the perfect fall/ winter show down to every creepy and spooky detail. 

It has been reported that director Tim Burton had a very specific vision for the updated image of Wednesday Addams, and it was certainly well executed. Wednesday keeps her all-black color palette, and although she often wears a school uniform, the internet has been obsessing over her fashion choices. Here are four pairs of shoes Wednesday wears in the show and where you can find them. 

Prada black monolith brushed leather lace-up shoes:

Viewers were a little shocked to see Wednesday grace the screen in $1200 Prada shoes. For a high school sophomore, the girl really loves her designer items. A more affordable dupe that has been circulating on TikTok is the Cesare black leather shoes from Steve Madden, which happen to be about $1k less than the Pradas. These would be a great addition to everyone’s holiday wishlist. 

Doc Martens black platforms:

Wednesday wears the platform Jadon and the 1461 smooth leather platforms– both from Doc Martens. These are probably one of her more accessible shoe options for fans to purchase. The character usually pairs the chunky footwear with her school uniform or her casual clothes when she sneaks out to investigate crimes.

Christian Louboutins Miss Jane 55 patent leather pumps:

Every show set in high school needs a school dance scene, and in this one, Wednesday shows up wearing Louboutins. What 16-year-old casually whips out a pair of $900 shoes to dance in her school’s gym? This, I do not know. What I do know is that she looks absolutely stunning doing it and now I desperately need a pair of red bottoms. 

Naked Wolfe slide platform sneakers:

When Wednesday is relaxing in her dorm, she can be seen wearing the Naked Wolfe sneakers. These are probably the most casual shoes she owns and still, they manage to give her an extra three inches in height. 

If you want to see more Wednesday Addams-inspired fashion, you can now binge all eight episodes of Wednesday on Netflix. 

Katlynn is a journalism student at the University of Texas at Austin. She has a love for sustainability, fashion, writing, music and activism. Her goal is to pursue a career in entertainment writing. Additionally, her other passions include yoga, chess and taking care of her dachshund-chihuahua mix, Margo.