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Ja’Michael Darnell, 2014

Ja’Michael De’Shawn Darnell

Year: Junior

Major: Theatre & Dance and African & African Diaspora Studies

Hometown: Hearne, TX

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
Innervisions Gospel Choir, Gateway Scholars Mentor, Real Role Models

What are your plans for after college?
I want to pursue my acting career or go to graduate school.

Pick one: Tiff’s Treats or Amy’s Ice Cream?
Tiff’s Treats! My favorite is the chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

What’s your favorite place on campus?
The SAC. I’ve been spending so much time there, it’ll probably be my second home this

What’s the first thing you notice about girls?
This first thing I notice about a girl is her personality. Then, it would be her beautiful face.

Do you prefer a Disney movie or a scary movie?
I would definitely watch a Disney movie over a scary movie. I love me a good Disney jam sesh.
You can catch me walking to class singing a Disney movie tune- like Colors of the Wind or
Circle of Life!

What’s your idea of a perfect date?
For a perfect date, we would start by getting to know each other over dinner. Then, we would
just chill and listen to our favorite music. The music a person listens to can say a lot. I love 90s
music and I’m a die-hard Michael Jackson fan.

Who is the most inspirational person in your life?
If my entire family could be one person, they would be the most inspirational person in my life.
They keep me grounded and driven. After my family, it would definitely be President Barack

What else should people know about you?
Recently, I won the Black Student Alliance Mr. Black University of Texas Scholarship 2012
showcase. It was such a fun night. I’m a pretty chill guy and I smile a lot. I will probably come off
as a shy person, but once you get to know me, you’d probably beg to differ!

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