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I’ve gathered some of these from exploring with my friends. I also follow @theaustinaesthetic and @happygolaqui_ on TikTok and they show so many cute places to visit in and around the Austin area! Make sure to follow them if you’re ever looking for inspiration! 

Taquero Mucho

Very cute and very pink restaurant! I’ve been once, and I would definitely go again! 

-508 West Ave, Austin, TX 

Wonder Spaces Austin

I haven’t been here yet, but I definitely want to visit! It’s a modern art museum, and I know so many people who have been. 

-1205 Sheldon Cove # 2-A, Austin, Tx

Tau Ceti Mural 

Such a beautiful 103 feet tall mural. 

-Corner of 2nd St. & Brazos St. Austin, TX

This is Mesmerize

A space/alternate universe themed interactive museum! It’s extremely colorful and so fun! 

-807 E 4th St, Austin, TX

Hey! I'm Gabriella and I'm a senior at UT majoring in psychology, minoring in sociology and pursuing a certificate in forensic sciences. I'm excited for all that this last year brings and I can't wait to write about all my adventures! <3
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