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I Wanted To Be An Astronomer When I Was Younger (I’m A Psychology Major Now)

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For the longest time, I was so intrigued with space that I wanted to be an astronomer and discover more about this vast ocean of stars and gasses when I grew older. I’m talking about astronomy posters all over my room, a replica of the solar system hanging above my wall, and a bunch of black hole videos on my YouTube recommendations! You could say I was obsessed with space and the wonders of it, don’t get me wrong I still am very interested in it but I realized I didn’t want to study it anymore and I’ll tell you why. 

A little background information about me: I hate math. I have always hated it and have never been good at it ever since I was a kid. My parents hired many tutors for me and I even stayed after school to get help from teachers, but it never helped. I felt helpless and thought I would never be good at this subject. With the years passing, I soon had to decide what I wanted to study in college. At this point in time I still desperately wanted to study astronomy, but I soon realized that the field of study required a lot of math and physics, which is something I did not want to put myself through, as much as I loved this subject. 

Eventually, after taking a psychology class in high school, I grew to love this subject, since I always looked forward to going to this class every other day and enjoyed what I was learning throughout its entirety.  Because of this, I looked into psychology as a major, and how this subject is so well-rounded and can be useful in many different careers, which was very comforting to hear as I was not set on a certain career. 

Now that I’m in college, I can say with confidence that I do not regret majoring in psychology as I have enjoyed all my classes and have gotten many opportunities through it. Although I am not studying astronomy, my love for learning about outer space has not gone away, but has grown over the years! Perhaps amateur astronomy may be in the stars for me?

Sara Presas is a third year Psychology major with a minor in Business at the University of Texas at Austin and is going on her second year with Her Campus. She loves writing about pop culture, life experiences, music, and fashion. In her free time, she loves going to concerts, discovering new music, and being with friends.