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From a young age, I have always hated one thing about myself. And yes, I know, how dare I admit I openly have a strong dislike for something I’m born with. This insecurity took over my life, causing tears before school every day and prayers to the heavens for a change to happen. 

My curly hair. So kinked at the roots, so frizzy at the ends, and so unmanageable when I just wanted it to be tamed. I didn’t know how to control it. I was surrounded by friends with heads of perfectly stick-straight hair while I was left to fend for my own. My mom got into the habit of blow-drying her hair every day, so I couldn’t even see what my own curls looked like on a role model. I had to teach myself how to love my curls, and I am proud to say it has been my best decision yet.

This is for all my curly girlies who don’t know where to begin. I have practically become a professional at this point, so here are my top 5 products for curly hair. Let me save you the blood, sweat, and tears of frizzy curly hair trial & error. 

Hub AmazonAffiliate BNCL COB HubHero EdgetoEdge?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

The holy grail of curl creams. If I had to choose one product to pick me up when I’m down and make me believe in happiness again, it would be this. It does it all. It is a non-crunchy but super definition providing cream that will drastically reduce frizz while adding shine to your hair. 


The ultimate hair smoother. This cream is perfect for creating soft curls that lay nicely without having a sticky residue to them. It is great to apply before brushing your hair so that it is evenly distributed and provides an overall “pillow soft” effect. 

mISS JESSie’s jelly soft curls

The twin sister to No. 2 on the list. Partners in crime. Bonnie & Clyde. The peanut butter to my jelly. This is the perfect curl finisher to get ultimate definition and truly demolish frizz. Crunch (emphases on the crunch) this product into your hair starting at the ends. Hunny, I promise if you aren’t crunching then you aren’t curling. 

Shea moisture curl and shine shampoo

Shampoo made for curls. Curly haired girls need ultimate moisture, and this shampoo comes to the rescue for dehydrated heads. It is sulfate free so it also lets you stay away from all those nasty chemicals that cramp your style. 

Color wow dream coat anti-frizz spray

Sometimes, I do just want a little sneak peak of what my hair would look like straight. Blow drying is quite the process, but Color Wow’s anti-frizz spray makes it that much easier. Before applying any heat to the hair, give your ends a nice spritz of this and watch your blowout last perfectly for days. This product is a master at making sure that styled hair stays sleek & smooth. What more could a girl ask for?

While all of these products will help to give your curls that perfect bounce and shine everyone craves, the main takeaway from this should be to love your ringlets. Curly haired girls have to stick together, and perfecting a routine will just help to elevate the admiration for those with heads of wild and free hair.

Ryan Levin is a new writer for Her Campus University at the Texas chapter. She is from Chicago, Illinois, and is loving getting to experience southern culture for the first time and explore a brand new place. Ryan loves everything relatable and advice driven, always keeping up with the new trends and offering up her opinions. Beyond Her Campus, Ryan is the Vice President of Marketing for the Kendra Scott Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute Student Board. Within this role, she manages a committee in creating content to be posted on Instagram and publicizes the Institute's upcoming events. She is also a consultant for an organization called Tamid. Ryan is currently a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Business with a minor in Media and Entertainment Industries. In her free time, Ryan loves playing squash with her dad, binge watching Modern Family, and spending time with her two dogs. She is a sucker for getting a sweet treat after dinner every night, and craves more time to just sit down with a book and read.