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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

I’m a major introvert, and I currently have no friends. As depressing as that sounds, I have chosen to embrace this period of loneliness and turn it into a time to learn more about myself. Find hobbies, experiment with different styles, and most importantly, learn to do things alone comfortably. Because the honest truth is nobody cares that you are eating at a restaurant alone, even if it does feel odd at first. So, if you want to embark on this journey with me, here are my current six favorite things to do alone.

1) Walk to a park and read. 

Not only is this a way to trick yourself into spending some time outdoors (I prefer AC and no bugs, thank you.), but it is the perfect opportunity to look cool and mysterious all around. Also, it requires absolutely no human interaction. Become Y/N for a few hours; it’s insanely fun. 

2) Go out to eat. 

This was something I was very nervous about because something about it feels so wrong. I thought everyone would silently be judging me. However, most of the meal is silent anyways. To make things easier, go to a restaurant that is familiar to you. Dress up and take yourself on a little date; you deserve it.

3) Do something artistic.

A personal favorite is painting; you can get cheap canvases, paint, and brushes at the dollar store. You don’t have to be an amazing artist (I definitely am not), but painting can be a great emotional release and creative outlet if you let it. Another solo activity that I have been waiting to try is taking a pottery class. The bonus to both of these is of course you then have a souvenir to display proudly in your home. 

4) Go to the movies. 

In my opinion, going to the movies alone is so insanely fun. Put on some sweats and buy the overpriced popcorn. I promise nobody is going to even notice you are alone. Be cautious going at night though; safety first always. Bonus points if you go see Don’t Worry Darling like I am in a few days. 

5) Give yourself a makeover. 

You can go shopping, experiment with makeup, or even dye your hair. Red hair is very in this fall. If you want something less permanent, get a semi-permanent or a gloss with some color in it. I’m constantly changing my appearance just to keep things interesting. 

6) Go to a concert or museum. 

Going to a concert alone is a totally different experience. Do not miss out on your favorite artist just because you don’t have anyone to go with. Be safe of course. Museums are a lot more chill of an option, and another perfect chance to dress up and take yourself on a date. Many local museums are either free or discounted for students, just make sure to check before you go. 

Doing things alone can definitely be intimidating at first, but you will genuinely learn so much about yourself. Plus, you’ll be getting so many new experiences with the most important person in your life, you.

A senior journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin.