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How To Practice Self Care During Finals

Now that we are in full swing for finals prep I thought some quick ideas on how to practice self care during this stressful time would be helpful! I know many of us get so caught up in prepping for our finals that we forget to take care of ourselves, and that is not good. Taking care of yourself is always important, and especially important during finals. Doing things to make sure you are okay can actually help you do better on your finals, so put your books and notes aside for a few moments to practice some self care!


  • Sleep

I know you are probably rolling your eyes, because everyone repeatedly mentions how important adequate sleep is, and we all know someone who proudly boasts how they can function on only 3 hours of sleep, but that is not good for your health! Getting a good night’s rest can help you to retain more information when you are studying, and keep your immune system in tip top shape, so you do not have to worry about getting a nasty cold right before your exam. Everyone has different needs, but try to get at least 7-8 hours a night.


  • Get outside

The weather may be dreary, but it is still important to get outside while you are studying for your exams. Go for a walk around campus or your neighborhood and just enjoy some fresh air. I always find that taking a small break and going for a walk helps me to focus better when I return to my work.


  • Eat right, but also treat yourself

It is important to eat healthy during this time. I know it is so easy to just stop and grab junk food from the market or one of the locations in the Union or SAC, but you need to make sure you are feeding your body with healthy foods. It will keep you from crashing and feeling blah. However, be sure to treat yourself now and then to a favorite treat while you are studying.


  • Watch a favorite movie or tv-show

Take some time out from studying and watch a favorite movie or episode of a favorite show. Even better, do a face mask while you are watching!


  • Time with friends

It can be easy to become a shut in during this time, but make sure you carve some time out to get together with friends.


  • Fresh bedding

This is one of my favorite things. Nothing beats crawling into bed with fresh bedding after a long day of studying.


  • Go to college events for destressing

This past week I went to an event at the Union for destressing, and they had therapy dogs which made my day so much better. Check out what events are occurring around campus to help students take a break from studying. Chances are you will find something that piques your interest!