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Ahh midterm season… One of the worst times for a college student. Although this season brings much stress and anxiety, it is essential to approach these with a strategic mindset that ensures success! There are many different ways that I am surviving through this season and have many different suggestions on how to achieve midterms/finals with confidence!

Create an Organized Schedule 

Creating an organized schedule is key to surviving midterms. By allocating certain days to each subject allows you to give each one enough time to study. Creating a schedule also allows you to know what time you have to take breaks and to allow yourself time to rest since getting enough sleep is important when studying for exams. I recommend keeping a planner or a digital one to keep track of what days you have exams and schedule a plan for when you want to study for each class!

Take Detailed Notes from Lectures and Textbooks

One thing that has personally helped me memorize and understand material is taking detailed notes whether that be on an iPad or on notebook paper. I know many people tend to type their notes out since it’s more convenient, but I find that writing things down helps to memorize different concepts and build a great understanding of them. By rewriting your notes when it gets closer to your exam date, it will help you to memorize and become more competent in these concepts.

Look Over Past Exams/Exam Notes

If past exams are still available to you, read over them and look at the structure of the exam, in order to be well prepared and have an idea of what the exam format will look like. It is also important to review past exam notes, and remember how you reviewed them!

Study in a New Environment

Personally, I like getting out of my room and studying in the living room or even going out to a cafe and treating myself to a coffee while studying. Also being around people encourages me to study, since others around me are also studying and working productively. This is also a great opportunity to get out of the house and discover new coffee shops, while also being productive!

Use a Pomodoro Timer

If you don’t know what a Pomodoro timer is, it’s a timer that gives you 25 minutes to study and 5 minutes to take a break after and is a constant cycle that repeats itself until you feel confident in what you’ve studied. It is also a great way to reward yourself after studying and gives you a small break. 

Stay Positive!

Overall, just staying positive and surrounding yourself with encouraging people during this season allows you to focus on your own strengths, shows you how far you have come, and encourages you to believe in yourself! Having this mindset allows you to be confident during exam season and helps you stay optimistic.

Approaching midterms/finals with an open mind and a strategic plan, allows you to alleviate stress, while also staying organized and on top of your studies. Remember to believe in yourself and never give up, good luck! 

Hi! I'm Sara and I'm a current junior at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business, hoping to pursue a career in both, while expanding my love for creative writing! I'm also a pisces who loves music, fashion, calligraphy, and figure skating! IG: @saraapresas