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How I Cope With Chafing When The Heat Just Won’t Quit

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

It’s hot. There’s no denying that this summer/early fall has been a scorcher, especially in Austin, Texas. Nevertheless, as students at UT Austin, we must brave the heat every day to get to class. When the sun just won’t quit and the air feels like soup the last thing we should be worrying about is the painful rubbing of our thighs: chafing. 

Thick thighs save lives, according to supermodel Ashley Graham. But when I am hot, sweaty, and trying to look cute it can oftentimes feel like my thighs are actively trying to make my life harder. 

If you are a fellow thick-thigh gal, then you know the struggle of styling a cute outfit (that will also keep you cool) while coming to terms with the fact that you might be in serious pain by the end of the day. What if it didn’t have to be like that, though? What if we didn’t have to choose between looking cute and being comfortable? Well bestie, I’m here to tell you that you can truly have it all when it comes to those thick thighs! 

In my time as a thick-thigh girlie, I have picked up some tricks that make it so I can slay and stay comfortable in this insane heat. Here is my list of how to cope with chafing in Texas weather: 


My first recommendation is likely one of the most accessible strategies because we all (hopefully) already use deodorant. Simply apply your deodorant to the areas of your thighs which tend to rub together, taking care to apply a thick layer. The deodorant will protect your thighs by providing a barrier. However, if you sweat like I do you may need to apply multiple layers throughout the day.

Long Shorts/Capris 

I realize this strategy isn’t for everyone because it does require you to make some style sacrifices. Nonetheless, I find wearing long shorts or capri pants is the easiest, most effective way to avoid chafing. Wearing long shorts/capris helps on “recovery” days (days after you chafed). For instance, if you just have to wear something short on Monday and your thighs are on fire from chafing, wear long shorts/capris on Tuesday to give your thighs a bit of a break. 

Anti-Chafing Shorts Under Dresses/Long Skirts

We have arrived at my personal favorite way to cope with chafing! Again, there may be some style sacrifices made with this strategy. However, for me, wearing anti-chafing shorts under dresses/long skirts has opened up a world of comfortable style. My mom (slay queen that she is) found anti-chafing shorts on Amazon. Wearing these lightweight, non-restrictive shorts makes it so I can wear skirts, dresses, and loose pants without fear of chafing. Dresses and skirts are great options for the heat because of the possibility of a breeze *down there* so you can look cool while staying cool.

Anti-Chafing Sticks 

A more “formal” version of the deodorant tip, the anti-chafing stick looks like a deodorant stick, but the contents are different. Anti-chafing sticks are specifically designed to treat and prevent chafing. They are available from popular brand First Aid Beauty, as well as brands such as Megababe and Gold Bond. You apply them like deodorant to the inside of your thighs and they provide chafing relief for hours. I use the one from Gold Bond and it never lets me down, even when I’m pouring sweat in the Austin heat. 

Baby Powder 

Chafing happens because of moisture and friction between sections of skin. Baby powder can help moderate the amount of moisture being produced, which therefore helps limit chafing overall. Baby powder can be messy, though, so apply with care! 

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics 

Options such as leggings, biker shorts, and other dry-fit options are great fashion choices to aid with chafing. Luckily, leggings and biker shorts are still very trendy so you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on fun trends in the pursuit of comfort. Again, moisture makes chafing much worse, so moisture-wicking fabrics are very practical to stop chafing. 

Your thick thighs are a blessing! Learning how to dress comfortably (and stylishly) as a woman with thick thighs has been a challenge. However, my struggles have equipped me with useful strategies that make it fun to get ready in the morning! I don’t feel limited by my thick thighs after discovering these coping mechanisms for chafing. Hopefully, this list will open you up to the world of possibilities for slaying while protecting your thighs! Remember: Your thighs are gorgeous and taking care of them is what they (and you) deserve. Thick thighs really do save lives and with these tips, you can save your thighs in return! 

Hi y’all! My name is Jane Cleary. I am a third year quadruple major in Plan II Honors, Women’s and Gender Studies, Spanish, and International Relations and Global Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. I am passionate about body positivity, equity, traveling, and mental health. Hook ‘em!