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Get a Spring Wardrobe on a College Budget

While the unpredictable Texas weather may have us thinking otherwise, the calendar shows that it’s springtime, which means that spring fashion season is upon us. On a student budget, it can be hard to update your wardrobe every few months. Here are some tips every fashion-savvy collegiette should know about adding new pieces to your closet without maxing out your credit card.

1. Use your student discount.
Many stores don’t advertise this, but often give student discounts if you show a valid school ID. Be sure and always carry yours with you and ask the cashier when you check out. Here are a few stores that offer student discounts:
-J. Crew: 15% off regular-priced items
-Madewell: 15% off
-Steve Madden: 15% off
-Topshop: 10% off
-Urban Outfitters: 10% off (select dates)
2. Host a clothing swap.
If you and your roomie are constantly raiding each other’s closets, then a clothing swap is a great option to add new items to your wardrobe without spending any money. Get a head start on your spring cleaning by cleaning out your closet. Then, have your friends over and trade clothes that you don’t
wear anymore. Those bright red jeans that you told yourself you would wear when you bought them could become your friend’s new style staple.
3. Pop some tags.
Macklemore knows what he’s talking about: Thrifting is an awesome way to shop on a budget. From vintage clothing to brand name items sold for cheap, each resale shop has its own style. As many dedicated thrifters know, patience is key. It takes time sifting through unorganized racks of clothing to find that perfect pair of cut offs. Pick out a few resale shops in Austin, bring along your girlfriends and make a day out of it. If something doesn’t fit just right, you can always get it altered or use your DIY skills and fix it yourself. The best part about thrifting: that satisfying feeling when you happen upon that one-of-a-kind item.
4. Sell your old clothes.
As we transition into the adult world, our style transitions, too. If you still own clothes from high school (guilty) it’s probably time for some spring cleaning. In order to make room for more sophisticated, and often more expensive, pieces, sell your old clothes to a second-hand shop. A go-to for
many Longhorns is Buffalo Exchange but other local resale shops, such as Top Drawer and Feathers, will buy your unwanted clothes as well.
5. Stay on top of social media.
A lot of stores announce special deals and sales to their followers via Twitter or Facebook. American Apparel often tweets about online flash sales, where
they offer discounts for a few hours on select items. Signing up for email lists can be a pain, but that’s where the deals are most of the time. You have to
admit, those Victoria’s Secret coupons are kind of worth the periodic emails.


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