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Don’t get me wrong, TV and movie couples are great, and I am all about shipping a cute couple. However, the reality is most of their love stories aren’t very realistic. Girls spend a lot of the time imagining themselves in the shoes of the romantic duos and, as a single girl, I’ve got to admit, it can get to you. Instead, we should pay more attention to the characters whose friendships are those to admire. The friendships who’s bond is stronger than any Nicholas Sparks could write, and reminds us: who needs a Nathan Scott when you have a Brooke Davis? Here are a few fictional friendships that give us #squadgoals.

1. Rory & Lorelai

This mother daughter duo proves that sometimes our best friends really can be our day ones.

2.  Brooke Davis & Peyton Sawyer

Although these two spent some time fighting over the same man, in the end their friendship came first. I mean, fighting your best friend’s fake psycho brother together does seem like it could be the true test of friendship. 

3. Christina Yang & Meredith Grey

Christina and Meredith have the type of friendship where you’re often mistaken for a couple, and that’s perfectly fine with them because they would choose each other over anyone else any day. 

4. The Golden Girls

These women actually lived the dream, and decided that living together after being married and having kids was just right. Why wouldn’t you want to live with your best friends?

5. Romy & Michelle

What are friends for? Sticking by each other through it all, even if it means performing a choreographed interpretive dance in front of everyone from high school at your reunion. 

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