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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

In spirit of the breast cancer awareness month, I have taken a challenge to wear no bra for an entire week. Even though it is not scientifically proven that wearing a bra causes breast cancer, there are still a lot of benefits to not wearing a bra. Wearing no bra boosts your circulation, improves your breast shape, improves breast health, encourages healthy breast tissue, and the most obvious, is comfortable!


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Prior to doing this challenge I was very comfortable and confident without wearing a bra, so I originally did not see that it would be a hard challenge to complete. The hardest part was trying to find outfits I could wear at work, that would still be appropriate. On Monday, I chose to wear a floral tank that I paired with a sweater for work. This shirt is very loose so I felt completely free and comfortable in this outfit.


On Tuesday, I decided to continue with another very loose top that would not give away that I was not wearing a bra, but this top may have not been the top for that. I was a little more self-conscious and more aware that I was not wearing bra, since there is not a lot of coverage for my nipples. I felt that more people were looking at me and noticed that I let the girls out to play. Another set back with this top was the challenge of riding my bike and speed walking to class. This top offered me no support, therefore, the girls were truly out to play.


On Wednesday, I decided to go with a tighter top to offer me more support and help with my confidence without wearing a bra. I absolutely love this outfit and the comfort it offers me. It is also a one piece jumper, so getting dressed in the morning was very fast and easy, I didn’t have to think too much on what I was going to wear for the day.


On Thursday, I decided to wear my favorite navy blue linen top. This shirt is breathable and offers coverage for my nipples, so I was completely confident in wearing this, and will continue to wear this top without a bra.


On Friday, I wanted to dress up a bit more, so I chose to wear a flowy, floral dress. This dressed offered the perfect balance between flowiness and support for my girls.


On Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t have the restrictions of my job on the outfits I could wear, so I had a bit more freedom on my choices. Saturday I went out with some friends so I decided to wear a crop tank top that ties in the back. Sunday is my day to stay at home and relax, so I wore a sweatshirt and cuddled with my kitty.



Overall, this challenge was not hard to complete, but I did face some obstacles that I had to overcome. I found that I was a little more self conscious about wearing no bra when I shouldn’t be, I also struggled with being in the Texas heat without wearing a bra (sweat had nowhere to go), riding a bike and speed walking to classes was a struggle that made me 100% aware of the fact that I was wearing no bra, another obstacle was finding clothes appropriate for work. After completing this challenge, my confidence in my body, and my breasts more specifically, has grown. I am more comfortable without wearing a bra in public, but I will be more selective in the tops that I choose to wear. I will now be more willing to free my nips on a daily basis than I have in the past.

I am a third year English major hoping to become a book editor. I have been writing for HerCampus for one year, and am excited to work as a Co-Editor this year. I love reading and staying home with my cat, Luna.