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Vision boards are a great tool for setting goals and a fun creative outlet. Every year I like to make a new vision board and it’s one of my favorite things. Here a few tips for when you’re getting started making one.

Start with Pinterest 

Pinterest is my favorite place to find inspiration for my boards. I like to print out images and create a physical board to keep in my room, but even a Pinterest board can serve as your digital vision board. The best part is the more you pin the better Pinterest will curate images that you like.

Focus on different areas of your life

When making your board it helps to break down what areas of your life you’re setting goals in. For example, you might want to focus on work and friendship, and health, or maybe you want to focus on your creative pursuits. Whatever you want to envision, narrow it down to a few areas of your life that you want to focus on. 

Don’t rush the process

I’ve seen some people who can buy magazines and a poster board and finish their vision board in an hour. I normally like to select the perfect images from online over a few days. Do whatever you need to do to create a board you love that will inspire you. 

Display the board somewhere you’ll see it 

I keep my vision board hanging above my desk, so every day when I sit down to work, I’m reminded of my goals and who I am working to become. If you have a digital board, you can have it as the wallpaper on your computer or your phone screen. 

Work toward living that life daily 

After you finally make a board you love, it’s time to identify steps you can make daily to live the life you want. It may not seem like much at first, but it’s the little changes over time that add up in the end.

Hi, I'm Jessica Mick! I am a junior journalism student at the University of Texas. In my free time I enjoy exploring Austin with my friends, reading new books, and going on walks.
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