Five Artists and Bands To Cure Your Music Funk

The weekend following Austin City Limits brings major music withdrawals. Maybe you went to see your favorite artist, to find new music, or honestly just for the food (it’s okay, me, too). Whatever your reason for going, there’s a way to get over the Monday blues. Finding new bands and artists, especially when they’re led by strong woman, can kick out the music funk you don’t want to feel any longer. Here are five female artists and bands you need to know.


1. Overcoats

I have seen Overcoats perform twice, and love their vibrant energy and style. Emerging as a band based on a college friendship, JJ Mitchell and Hannah Elion created music laced with amazing harmonies and powerful lyrics.


Must listens: Smaller Than My Mother, Hold Me Close


2. Wet

The band Wet is the type of music that proves a great voice can get you anywhere. Kelly Zutrau, Wet’s lead singer and songwriter, uses painfully relatable lyrics and a rich voice to draw you into the band’s music.


Must listens: Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl, It’s All in Vain


3. Ex Hex

If rock bands are more your thing, Ex Hex is for you. Formed in 2013 out of Washington D.C., classic style fuses with modern day techniques through this power trio and their massive drum use.


Must listens: How You Got That Girl, Don’t Wanna Lose


4. Haim

A group of sisters from Los Angeles prove that music genes run in the family. Not only are all three sisters insanely talented on musical instruments, they tie their music together with massive feminism and energy.


Must listens: The Wire, Walking Away


5. Banks

A dark R&B artist who has previously toured with the Weeknd provides strong and smooth music perfect for any occasion. Jillian Banks originally started creating music at the age of 14 while her parents were going through a divorce, her style exemplifying a deep emotional context.

Must listens: Underdog, Drowning