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Fall Wardrobe Must Haves

I was once told, “There has and never will be someone like you,” so why would I dress like anyone? Be an individual. Stand out. And don’t be afraid to be bold. At Austin Fashion Week, I saw how retro looks of the past are turned into contemporary fashion statements from top designers all over the country; perfect for you to make your own statement, fresh from the runway. Take a look at our top five fall must-haves and add a little swag to your fall wardrobe!

1. Mix-and-Match: Matchy-matchy styles are long gone, so give in to this fall trend and mix bold colors for a confident statement. Deep blues, leprechaun green, royal purple, and sunny yellow are all colors to pull into the fall season. Try BobbyK’s from Gainesville, Fla. blue and emerald green, color-blocked, hip-hugging dress, if you dare.

2. Cover Up: There’s no need to bare it all under the scorching hot sun when you have super cute bikinis, monokinis, and cover-ups courtesy of Lisa Kaminski to beat the summer heat. Kaminski’s line incorporates solids, paisley, stripes, floral, tribal, and animal print, which seems to be a trend that’s reluctant to pass. Before temperatures drop to seemingly Arctic degrees, take a dip in the pool in one of Kaminski’s bikinis, perhaps her safari monokini with a crisscrossed back,; sexy yet tasteful.

3. Schoolgirl Love: Just because you’ve outgrown the plaid schoolgirl skirts you once wore when you were in elementary school, or even high school, there’s plenty of room to take the old required uniform from the past and turn it into a chic fashion statement that only an edgy fashionista can pull off! Inspired by fashions from past and present, Toni Jackson, House of Krimson designer, created stylish plaid and lace ensembles for the runway, and you! Try House of Krimson’s red and white aristocrat kilt, and black linen puff-sleeve top. And you thought puff sleeves were a fad of the 80s…

4. Leather, Leather, Leather: There’s something about a leather outfit that stands out among the rest and makes a statement. Rare Trends of Buenos Aires, Argentina brought leather to the Lone Star State just in time for fall, so don’t start fall without it! Make a statement in garments from those who know leather best at Rare Trends and boldly steal the show in leather tights or pants, a coat, or chic motorcycle jacket to stay warm this fall.

5. Print Obsession: Think you’re a little bit print obsessed? In love with graphics, bold statements, and vintage creations? If you answered yes, then Nikki Poulos is your go-to-girl because she’s as crazy about prints as you are. Recently on NBC’s “Fashion Star,” Nikki showcased a few of her favorite print pieces including her Houndstooth wide-leg jumpsuit, 70s retro kimono maxi dresses, and Marilyn Monroe inspired high-waisted swimsuits

Photos: Courtesy of POM PR

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