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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

We’ve just passed the milestone for the first day of fall…and I realize it doesn’t seem like it will ever be cold in Austin, but we can be hopeful. Plus, maybe you’re like me and you’re off to the West Virginia game in November where it will certainly be chilly.

One of my favorite things about any season are the shoes, because I like to think of myself as practical. Shoes are what I get excited about because you do change them with the seasons! So here is my guide to the best shoes for this fall.


Ridding Boots – The most basic boot for Fall, grabbing your PSL and walking through the leaves is just a given while wearing these. However, these boots are Frye, they make amazing boots, and I love their take on the classic shoe.

Adidas – I love my pink Adidas, so so so comfy. And this colors is extremely fall! They go with almost everything {hello skinny jeans with a white sweater and complimentary scarf}.

Bean Boots – I can speak from experience, these shoes are the comfiest, warmest shoes you could ever own. I love mine {I have the navy} and if you live somewhere where it snows, these are a must. 

Booties {1 & 2} – I love both of these styles, one is from Target the other is more expensive. They go really well with rolled-up jeans or with a cute dress + tights. I have a pair similar to these from last winter from Target that I adore.

Hunters – I have the traditional tall Hunters but I have been eyeing a pair of short ones for so long. If you are bold to go with a bright color, more power to you, but I like the classic black for Fall.

Cowboy Boots – I realize this might not be for everyone but living in Texas, going to UT and being southern, I love my cowboy boots! 


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