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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Dear Seniors,

Thank you for sticking with us. Each of you has been with our chapter for years and your time and contributions will not be forgotten. From the official reinstatement of our organization to tripling our chapter size, you have been there with us through it all.  You have all given so much of your time, patience, and love to this organization. Thank you to each of you for being so kind, thoughtful, and encouraging throughout this semester. You have all played an integral role in making this organization what it is today and we are so grateful for you.

So before you go, we wanted to offer a special moment of appreciation and acknowledgment for each of you:

Alexis Avery Austin:

Avery, you always participate and you are the best team player! You are our chapters 1st associate editor and a member of our social media committee. The time you took to support these teams were so valuable and will help our chapter’s future leaders. You have shown nothing but kindness and generosity during your time here. Thank you for everything and we cannot wait to see what else you will do! You are a shining light in this organization and we will miss you. We are so proud of you!

Rachel Acuña: 

To our queen of organization, where would we be without you? Your organizational skills are truly a gift and something this chapter has never taken for granted. Every single one of us knows the amount of time and effort you put into keeping us on track, and while we appreciate it, we appreciate your kind heart even more. As Secretary and Standards Director for a year and a half, you’ve navigated the line between following procedure and having compassion and understanding. Rachel, thank you for always dedicating time, effort, and care to this organization, no matter what. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. We will miss you!

Sheryl Lawrence:

From the current leaders of HCTX, thank you for always giving back to this chapter. You served as one of our Social Media Directors for an entire year and became an Associate Editor the next. Your commitment to improving this organization is not something that will be forgotten. Aside from your leadership, you are truly an incredible writer. It has been a pleasure reading your high-quality articles and getting to share them with the world. Thank you for caring about this organization and the people in it so much.

We are going to miss each and everyone of you!


Her Campus at Texas

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Kirsten Corrigan (she/her) is serving her second year as Campus Correspondents with Her Campus at Texas. She is a Junior Government major at The University of Texas at Austin. She intends to pursue law school after her undergraduate degree. She enjoys writing, being outdoors, traveling, and watching movies in her free time.