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I mentioned in one of my previous articles that affirmations were a great addition to morning routines. They set the tone for the day and can set your intention for the week if you say them repeatedly. Here are some self-love and self-confidence affirmations that can bring positivity and only good vibes into your life. 


1. “I accept myself exactly as I am now and I am at peace with where I am going.”


2. “I am worthy of love and loving myself comes to me easily.”


3. “I radiate only positive energy.”


4. “I am obsessed with everything about me.”


5. “I know my own worth.”


6. “I release myself of any energy that no longer serves me.”


7. “I don’t chase, I attract.”


8. “What belongs to me will simply find me.”


9. “Abundance is all around me.”


10. “I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am rich. I am that b*tch. I am gonna go get that bag and i am not gonna take your sh*t. I am protected, well respected. I’m a queen. I’m a dream. I do what I wanna do and I’m who I wanna be cause I am me.”

Alexis is a senior journalism major at the University of Texas At Austin. She enjoys writing about pop culture, entertainment, beauty and food. IG: @ave_lexi
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