Sign Immigrants make America Great

Constant Fear

The United States was founded from the beginning on a foundation of lies. While as a country we have tried to progress and be more inclusive, the system has constantly failed us. By us, I mean every single person of color, any member of the lgbtq+ community and anyone with different beliefs than those of a white christian man. This past presidency & everything it has brought has been nothing but negative to every minority group. The sad part is that it doesn’t end there. With this new presidential election coming up more division has been created and minority groups continue to be a target in the hate crimes being done by closed-minded individuals. On top of it all, so many rights of so many of us are at stake, given the new SCOTUS being confirmed. 


Every person of color has been facing oppression during these times, but in specific Black Americans have been facing unjust treatment for thousands and thousands of years and it’s so sad to see this continue to happen. Many black people have been killed for no reason or convicted of crimes that they didn’t commit but were simply convicted because of the color of their skin. We have had enough. THese are black lives & their rights that are at stake. We can’t continue to live in constant fear. This country MUST change.


Another group of individuals who have been constantly harassed or targetted are immigrants. Whether they enter the United States illegally or legally, they are constantly being discriminated against or mistreated. This current president has not only talked down on immigrants but has caused more built in fear about deporting, while i understand and am very well aware that other presidents have wanted to deport immigrants,this president has been more persistent and focused on deportation than others. This president has not only made racist comments generalizing immigrants but has also deported many immigrants, many of whom were parents of children who are now left alone, scared wondering where their parents could possibly be. These are immigrants’ lives & their rights that are at stake. We can’t continue to live in constant fear. This country MUST change.

Women's Rights

Women have also been a minority group that are constantly in a state of oppression, given that we live in a very sexist country. Since this country became colonized by white Europeans, the ideas of the patriarchy were enforced and taught on americans. Women were made out to be the lesser sex when in reality without us, there would be nothing. Women have had to fight a very corrupt sexist system to receive basic rights, once we received those we had to fight for others like voting & reproductive rights. It infuriates me how as women we have to fight a predominantly white & sexist government to be able to decide what to do with our bodies. But what’s worse is that with the current president we see how he constantly degrades and hypersexualizes women to discredit us of everything and anything we are capable of. On top of that we have a new supreme court justice who is a woman, but one of her main goals as a justice is to take away women’s reproductive rights. It is so frightening how instead of women protecting each other some have the patriarchal mentality or very conservative mindset in which they believe that women are not entitled to what they can and can’t do with their bodies.  These are womens’ lives & their rights that are at stake. We can’t continue to live in constant fear. This country MUST change.


The LGBTQ+ community has been facing discrimination for hundreds of years and it is so sad how we have yet to completely make this country inclusive enough for every one of us who pertains to the LGBTQ+ community. In the past five years alone there have been so many hate crimes being done against the LGBTQ+ Community. After so many hate crimes arised, we began to see the media make more inclusive ads or try to portray a more inclusive environment in the country. Right when we thought that things were getting better, a new president got elected and caused so much hate against the LGBTQ+ to arise. The community finally received the right to have same-sex marriage and now the government is looking to override that. After all the fights for same-sex marriage they now wanna take this away from the community? Over some outdated conservative ideals that women and men were “created to marry one another” rather than woman & woman or man and man? Not only is the government looking to overturn the right for same-sex marriage but they also want to restrict the rights of those same-sex couples from adopting.  These are LGBTQ+ lives & their rights that are at stake. We can’t continue to live in constant fear. This country MUST change.

Overall. These are only a few of many groups that are constantly discriminated against. But this country can’t continue to fail us. Not only has it failed the people who they stole this land from and everyone else who helped build it but it has now become the laughing stock of the world. It is honestly humiliating how much oppression, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, transphobia etc. continues to be normalized in this country. We are all human beings and our rights are at stake. We can NOT continue to live in constant fear.