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Collegiettes™ on a Mission

UT women like Cynthia Peralta and Robyn Horton are sacrificing their summers for those in need both on the home front and across the globe.

Organizations like GoNow Missions, which was started in 1946 by four college students, and Austin’s Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) have sent thousands of students on mission trips. The collegiettesTM on these missions are especially brave and courageous, going to some of the most deprived nations to volunteer their services and spread the word of God.

Robyn Horton heard about GoNow Missions from BSM right here in Austin and ended up volunteering at a Christian youth camp in Quebec.
“I got to invest in a group of girls each week,” Horton said. “We shared a cabin, ate together and did all sorts of fun activities. Most of them had no idea that they were loved, and I got to share with them about Jesus and answer questions they had.”
Horton enjoyed seeing the impact on the hearts of the girls she worked with, but it wasn’t all easy. According to her, the hardest thing she faced was homesickness and the culture shock.
“It’s hard being away from family and friends that long,” Horton said. “It’s also another culture, and sometimes you have to remind yourself, ‘It’s not bad. It’s just different.’”
Cynthia Peralta plans on doing her next mission this summer, but right now, she spends her weekends ministering to people in Acuna, Mexico.
“I have been going for about five years now, and I learn something different every time I go,” Peralta said. “The trips are usually just for the weekend, but it’s such a good reminder of what God is doing around the world.”
Whether it’s painting houses, building roofs or working with children, Peralta tries to help in any way she can. But, as she’s quick to point out, these short-term mission trips benefit her as well.
“These people are so poor but they don’t act like it. They share everything they have,” Peralta said. “They always welcome us inside their homes; they don’t care how little or how poor it is. I have learned so much from them. I learn something new every time I go.”
These collegiettes™ are on a mission and are nothing short of inspiring. If you feel that you want to make a difference – whether it be big or small – follow in the footsteps of these women who travel the world spreading love, compassion and the Gospel. 

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