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Christmas Lights Adorn the Night

My favorite part of the year is during this time when I get to flee from the stress college brings and go home to spend Thanksgiving with family, friends and welcome the holiday season.  Every year my family makes an event out of Christmas decorating.  Holiday music will be playing in the background while my family and I put up the Christmas tree and decorations all around our home and front yard.  Luckily my friends are excited as me that Christmas is near, and to get in the spirit we decided to take an evening trip to New Braunfels to visit Santa’s Ranch, a drive thru Christmas Light Park.

I was surprised to see so many lights at once, and initially I could only think of how high the electricity bill must be!  However, l felt like I was a kid again seeing reindeers, Santa, and other quirky displays such as an old pickup truck embellished in lights.  If you have time to spare before the semester is over or during winter break, this place is worth experiencing and can get even the grumpiest person into the holiday spirit.

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