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Celebrity Tips on Changing the World

If what starts here changes the world, then what happens in Austin pretty much does the same, right? Well, it did this weekend. The 7th annual Andy Roddick Foundation Gala was Friday at W Austin, and while the ultimate goal of the fabulous event (Matthew McConaughey was there!) was to “inspire underserved youth through education and sports-based mentoring,” it was also a great opportunity for celebs to share a little wisdom perfect for collegiette life.

On Doing What you Believe in

Andy Roddick: I live here. I think everyone thinks of Austin as…it’s one of the greatest cities in the world and it’s certainly my favorite that I’ve been to but it’s not perfect. There are people who need help and I always say, ‘We need to fix our backyard first.’ 
How do you get so many people to care about Austin?
Andy Roddick: I just beg and I annoy them…I’m undefeated as far as asking so far.

On Being Inspired

Tje Austin: My goal is to figure out what I want to do when I’ve made it to their level. It’s really cool to see artists and athletes– everybody’s who’s made it– and see how they give back to the community. 

On Looking Good While Saving the World

Brooklyn Decker: I love a natural girl. I love a girl with no makeup and when you’re in college you have that beautiful young skin so you can get away with it. This is very unusual for me to be all gussied up tonight. When in doubt, put on a great pair of earrings (she wore Kendra Scott jewelry). 

On Actually Saving the World

John Legend: I think every college kid should find a way to tutor somebody in the school town that they are residing in. You’ve got a lot of studying of your own to do, but maybe spend an hour with a kid in high school. Just find a way to volunteer. 

So, how should you go about actually making a change (while using Brooklyn’s fab tips)? Check out places like Teach for America, the Show Me Campaign, and of course the Andy Roddick Foundation for ways to pitch in. Watch the foundation’s inspirational video for a little do-good motivation. 
Photos: Melements by Moyo Oyelola


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