Campus Celebrity: Hook ‘Em

Football season brings back tailgates, cowboy boots, and most importantly, our mascot Hook ‘Em! With the big OU game coming up this week, what better way to bring some team spirit than to appreciate the mascot that keeps us pumped during every game.


Name: Hook ‘Em

Hometown: Austin, TX

Her Campus Texas: When did you know you wanted to be Hook 'Em?

Hook 'Em: I knew I wanted to be Hook 'Em after my first UT football game. I had never been to a college football game before. I was blown away by the sense of community amongst the fans. I remember staring down at the field, wishing I could be part of the action down there. Just then, Hook 'Em walked out and started messing with the cheerleaders' equipment. It was like I was hit by a bolt of lightning. I thought, "That's it! That's how I can help the team!" From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be the mascot.

HCTX: How has being hook ‘em changed your experience at UT?

HOOK: Being the mascot means being one of the ambassadors of the university. It gives a sense of purpose, knowing that you're representing something greater than yourself. Being Hook 'Em provided an outlet for all of my goofy energy and creativity. It was a way I could express myself uniquely. In a sense, being Hook 'Em instilled a sense of pride in me regarding both the university and myself.

HCTX: What song always gets you pumped before a game?

HOOK: I have eclectic tastes in music, YYZ by Rush is one of my go-to's in terms of raw energy in music. It will definitely pump you up!

HCTX: What have you found makes the crowd the most excited?

HOOK: The crowd loves it when Hook 'Em is engaged with the actions on the field. Whether he's dancing around to stir up the crowd, pranking the cheerleaders, or jumping with joy after scoring a touchdown, he is most effective when he is in sync with the actions of the game. Of course, the sure fire way to excite the crowd is to have a bit of fun with the opposing team's mascot.

HCTX: What is the craziest thing you've done as Hook ‘Em?

HOOK: The craziest thing I did happened when we played Iowa State back in 2012. Cy the Cardinal thought it would be funny to play a matador and taunt me with a red sweater. I charged at Cy a few times and let him think he had the upper hand. However, the moment he turned his back on me, I charged him. This took him by surprise to say the least and in his ensuing panic he dropped the sweater as he attempted to escape. So now I had the sweater and Cy needed to get it back. Of course I wouldn't let him have it back so easy. I will never forget how the student section cheered as I turned the tables on him. It was a lot of fun to say the least.

HCTX: What do you do in preparation for the game?

HOOK: In preparation for a game I make sure to chug a ton of water. As a mascot, one tends to sweat a lot. I'll throw on some jazz and rock out for a while, get in touch with the rhythm of the music which helps me get in touch with the rhythm of a game.

HCTX: What is your prediction for OU this weekend?

HOOK: I predict that we blow out the Sooners. Our offense has improved quite a bit from the start of the season. With a little help from Special Teams, I am sure we can beat OU.