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Midterm season has approached and finals will trail in quicker than you think. Although some may find it comforting to study in their own room or apartment, I find it uninspiring and boring. To be fully focused, I have to be “in the zone.” Plus, getting ready and heading somewhere to get stuff done feels more productive. So, here are a few of my study/homework spots around the University of Texas that I would consider motivational and studious.

1. peter t. flawn academic center (fac)

Very basic, but I actually prefer this over the PCL (Perry-Castaneda Library). The PCL is full of students literally 24/7, especially freshmen. As a freshman, it makes sense to go there because you live on campus and it is right next to the dorms, but the FAC is less overwhelming. If you go on a weekday during the day, it is a bit full, but you won’t find a seat. It has a variety of seating and different size chairs/tables so whether you are studying alone or with a group, you’ll find a cozy spot. It is not loud, nor quiet, and the vibes just feel better. Not sure how to describe it, but trust me, go there instead of the PCL.

2. tables outside the wcp

WCP/SAC, whatever you know it by, is the William C. Powers Student Activity Center. Although there is plenty of study areas inside the actual building, the outside is MUCH better in my opinion. Specifically the tables near the entrance to Speedway. The low silver tables or (my personal favorite) the long wooden bench with tables by it are the perfect place to get work done if you love the outdoors. It is very peaceful and depending on the time of day affects the noise level, but it doesn’t get rowdy. (There are outlets along the wooden bench.)

3. the gdc

Yes, this is the computer science building, but it is a great place to study! Although there isn’t much seating availability, (the first floor gets super packed and other floors are more for the actual CS majors) it isn’t impossible to get a seat during certain hours of the day. The giant black chairs are the coziest (with outlets nearby) and if you need a table just know that there are no outlets near the white circle tables and the chairs at the giant yellow table are awkward. PERK: There is a Lucky Lab inside the GDC so coffee is literally right next to you.

4. all of moody

Yes, I am biased by saying this, but Moody has A LOT of great spots to study/do homework. For my outside girlies, the tables outside are not always packed, so if you score one there, you get an “okay” view, but if the weather is nice, all is perfect. Inside there are endless places to find a seat and do work. Personally, I wouldn’t say I like the first floor because those tables are full all time and are more for short-term studying, but if you go to any other floor, you will find a spot that is perfect for you.

There you have it, my top four places to be productive on campus. There are literally so many places to study on the 40 acres, so trust me, there are probably 10 other “best spots.” So, go find your own spot or try out one of mine, happy studying!

Communication and Leadership major @ UT Austin. IG: @stephanie.inclan