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Best Places to See Live Music in Austin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Austin is known as the live music capital of the world, so why would someone not seek out music every weekend? Well I was that someone my first year in college. I never went anywhere and wasn’t interested in exploring the city at all.

This year, my second year, I have been trying to break out of my shell and explore as many places as I can. The easiest thing to do on the weekends is see live music. There are so many venues and restaurants that hold concerts every weekend, and sometimes during the week. This list will help you find the best place to see your favorite bands.


Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

Also known as ABGB, this brewing company is also a restaurant that hosts bands Wednesday through Sunday nights. This is a great place to hangout with friends, enjoy some great food and drinks, and some amazing local bands.




This is another restaurant that has many live music opportunities. With two locations, there are always lots of events to choose from. This is a great place to go to really experience Austin. Their website says “Threadgill’s was Austin’s first theme restaurant, and it’s theme was Austin”.


Hole in the Wall

This venue is one of the most iconic in Austin. Located on Guadalupe right by campus, and with bands playing every night, this place is great for college students to go after a long week of classes. It really is a hole in the wall, but after taking a look inside, you will realize it is much more than that.


Shady Grove

One of Austin’s favorite venues, guests can enjoy free music outdoors, while eating delicious burgers or Tex-mex. Located on Barton Springs, Shady Grove is close to Zilker Park and Barton Creek. This is a great place to end a day exploring everything Austin has to offer. This venue is located under a grove of pecan trees, so even during the summer, it is not too hot standing outside enjoying live music.

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