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There’s truly not much better than the rich aroma and flavor of coffee–especially when Finals Week is on the rise. Although I love a nice drink to sip on, my favorite part of getting a classic ‘cup of joe’ is the excursion it takes you on. Coffee shops sell more than just coffee, they sell an experience. The ambience is ultimately what draws people in. Each shop is a unique invitation to take a seat, get comfortable, and stay a little longer. Unsurprisingly, these places are where I spend most of my time. At heart, I’m a creature of habit and often find myself revisiting the same places over and over. So if you’re anything like me, you’re probably in need of a few recommendations to explore. To help you out, I’ve composed a tell-all list of my favorite coffee shops near West Campus. 

  1. Centro 

The customer service here is unparalleled! From the moment a customer opens the door, they feel welcomed to step inside. The couple who runs Centro has an impressive knack for remembering every customers’ names. I stopped by once this past August and they’ve known mine since! They also write sweet and uplifting notes on each cup, usually with hearts or a smiley face added onto the message. I think I’ve tried every single item on their menu and I genuinely have yet to find anything I dislike. The food is amazing! They currently have a seasonal Biscoff latte that comes with a Biscoff cookie on top. It’s details like these that make Centro stand out from other places. I’m also giving this one extra points for convenience. It’s one of the few spots right on Guad that never seems to get too busy! 

  1. Palomino Coffee

Alright, who doesn’t love a theme?? (Bonus points if it’s 70’s western!) This joint has impeccable cowboy-esque decor and adorable vintage glasses for serving their iced coffee to match! But, decor is nothing without a good playlist to match the environment, which is precisely why Palomino Coffee checks off all the boxes. I can’t even lie, I was secretly Shazam-ing every single song that played when I visited. I don’t know who had aux that day, but it was a blessing to my ears. I want to go back just so I can find new music to add to my playlist. If you’ve yet to catch on from all my coffee shop rambling, I’m an incredibly indecisive person, especially when it comes to selecting a drink–though, let’s be real, I almost always opt for a classic iced caramel latte with oat milk. But even still, the baristas are undeniably patient and helpful throughout all of my uncertainty, eager to guide me with their expertise.

  1. Epoch Coffee

My friend recently took me to the North Loop location and it was amazing! I’m still dreaming about the Rockstar Sausage Bagel we shared. It has a sort of mysterious vibe to it. There’s honestly no other way to describe it. It has a darker atmosphere with nice music. There are endless seating options and as a bonus, it has a (small) parking lot! Although it’s in a bit of a hidden location, it’s sandwiched between two little vintage stores, so you truly can never run out of things to do here! I also discovered an adorable stained glass store right down the street that more people should definitely visit. My friend and I bought matching necklaces that were handmade by the most precious lady.

  1. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Although parking can be incredibly hectic at times, it’s an Austin staple–and tourist attraction at that! They even have a gift shop full of postcards, merch and other apparel. The bakery also has quite an extensive selection of goods and each item is delectable. Mozart’s is never lacking in activities; from Lunar New Year parades, to endless live music, they have it all! My personally favorite event is their weekly jazz nights in partnership with UT Jazz. Plus, it’s right on the water. You may not realize it yet, but coffee tastes so much better with a view. You can’t go wrong with Mozart’s!

  1. Up and Atom

This cafe is conveniently located on campus! RUN, don’t walk! Because every Thursday they give away free popcorn. It’s located inside of Welch and is the perfect place to spend your time between classes. While seating may be limited, their array of snacks is anything but! The staff here is super speedy and no matter how long the line is, your coffee will always be ready within five minutes. It truly is magical here. Did I mention they make a MEAN iced latte?? Maybe I’m biased because my friends work here, but Up and Atom is my saving grace when I have back-to-back classes around welch. 

  1. First Light Books

This place is a little different from the rest because it’s actually a bookstorep that serves coffee! They source from a variety of different publishers, making their book covers equally as adorable as their coffee cups. And, with every purchase you receive a bunch of free stickers unique to First Light. It’s adorable inside and the staff is always incredibly kind. They have a surprising amount of seating for a bookstore, and I can never seem to leave without buying a new book! 

  1. Lucky Lab Coffee Co.

Lucky Lab, a female-owned coffee shop, extends a warm welcome to every cup (and pup!) that stops by. This dog-friendly haven is the perfect destination to indulge in all of your sweet treat cravings. Offering ample outdoor seating with both shaded and sunny options. This establishment creates the ideal atmosphere for enjoying coffee alongside some furry friends, complete with scattered dog bowls and a patio filled with happy faces. Conveniently located off of Guad, it’s within perfect walking distance from campus, making it a favorite spot for both locals and visitors alike.

Journalism major at The University of Texas at Austin! IG: @piperthurman