From Behind Enemy Lines to the Hollywood Sign: How a former secret agent is making her way from the battlefield to your home

Today, I want to feature a special person who I have had the great privilege of knowing. Her name is Tracy Walder. To say this woman wears a lot of hats would be an understatement. She is a mom, a history teacher, a mentor, a wife, a sorority sister, a former FBI agent, and a former CIA agent. Yes, you heard that right. Not only did she begin by wearing pink and singing Delta Gamma chants, but she also went on to work in the counter terrorism force of the CIA. Ms. Walder was instrumental in the take-down of Osama Bin Laden after the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001. This blonde hair, blue eyed, USC sorority girl helped save your life. In the wise words of Princess Mia, “I think she rocks.” And today, she is inspiring future girls at The Hockaday School in Dallas, Texas, where she teaches a variety of history classes, including her own specially crafted course, known to the girls as “Spycraft.” The course delves into the art of espionage and foreign diplomacy. Not only do you learn cool spy tactics, such as learning how to successfully execute a “dead drop,” but you also get to a seasoned spy’s perspective on what it really means to go beyond enemy lines and serve this country as a covert operative. This was by far one of the most interesting and eye-opening learning experiences I have ever had.


If you’re reading this and wishing desperately to know more about this awesome human, I have some good news. Walder is currently writing a 30 chapter memoir that covers her life experiences. She is planning for it to be published in 2020, hopefully under the title, “The Sorority Girl Who Saved Your Life.” Not only will this be a page turner, but you might also get a chance to witness her story on screen. Walder and her publisher recently made a deal with ABC for this story to be made into a television series following the book publishing.


When asked about her reason for believing in Walder’s story, the showrunner, Wendi Mericle, said she “really wanted to do a show about a woman who was a real life hero … a show that would be with a woman at the center.”


In addition, Laura Holstein, a Calamity Jane producer, also involved in the book to tv process, said they hope “it speaks [to the fact] that not just women, but women like you, women like us can go do [these jobs].”


It’s time to take an AK-47 to that glass ceiling. Ms. Walder was my teacher. And now, she’s teaching the world. Women are strong, women are smart, and women help run this world. Not only can we sing sorority chants on Tuesday, but we can also take down one of the greatest villains facing the free world on Friday. Keep an eye out for her upcoming book, and tune in to what is sure to be a wildly entertaining and profound look at one of the many great heroes who has served this nation. I know I’m excited. I hope you are too.


Love and spying,