Assumptions – A Toxic Habit

As a loyal YouTube subscriber, I often find myself spending any free time I have catching up on the latest videos and tutorials. On my latest binge-watch (I know it’s not healthy lol), I noticed a new video trend that included creators reading subscribers assumptions about them whether they were negative or positive.

One thing that shocked me most while watching these videos was the large amount of harsh assumptions left for a person they supposedly supported/admired. It’s saddening that despite all the positivity campaigns that have gone around over the past couple of years, we still live in a society that engages in bullying, shaming, and putting others down. Although great progress has been made, we definitely still have a long way to go.

According to, the word assumption is defined as “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.” The science girl in me, read this and thought, how can something be accepted as true without any proof? Nothing can be true if it isn’t proven first, right? If I’m being honest, we have all made assumptions about things, people, or events at least once in our life - we are human after all. Reflecting on it now, I’m disappointed by how many assumptions I’ve made in my life without any understanding or having valid reasoning for them. However, I am glad I became aware of a bad habit and have become cautious of taking steps to eliminate it.

As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize the true importance of not judging others. Often times, we do it so subconsciously about anyone or anything because it is easy. It is almost effortless to assume things without any knowledge because then we can convince ourselves that our opinions are always right. However, we should be challenging ourselves to become more understanding of others no matter the circumstance. We aren’t in their shoes after all. We don’t all have the same thoughts, struggles, families, education, finances, or beliefs, but we are a human. As resilient as human beings are, we are equally as fragile - words can hurt and damage.

We live in a world that is imperfect and where everyday life is difficult. Why then do we choose to make matters more difficult by tolerating harshness and inconsideration amongst each other? I don’t mean to say everyone is rude and judgmental, because that is not at all what I believe, but it is more common than not.

Encouragement, understanding, and love will take a person much further in life than a harsh assumption ever will. 


To the YouTuber who has a camera, computer and ring lights in order to pursue a passion. You are not a spoiled brat.

To the single mothers who can’t attend all her children’s school functions because she needs to work two jobs to support them. You are not a horrible mother.

To the boy who comes to school with only one pencil, because his family can’t afford a backpack and other miscellaneous school supplies. You are not a lazy student who doesn’t care.

To the girl who was taken advantage of because she trusted a friend. You are not those ugly names you’re being called in the halls.

To the man who doesn’t have a house to go home to every day. You are not a worthless human being.

To the grandma who can’t recognize her own family members when they visit her every week. You are not a failure in life.

Life is hard, let’s not make it harder for each other.