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Ali Afshar, 2015

Name: Ali Afshar

Age: 21

Major: Advertising

Activities:  Media Intern / Member of Texas Advertising Group, National Student Advertising Competition, Meals on Wheels

Her Campus Texas: If you could go anywhere in the world for an ideal date, where would you go? Why?

Ali Afshar: Sicily. Well, the best answer would most likely be: wherever my date would like to go. However, Sicily offers a large amount to explore and see, great food, and areas where we can do absolutely nothing. It’s flexible. 

HCTX: What does your ideal girl have (personality-wise)?

AA: There isn’t a real definition for what “ideal” would be. Some things fit and some things don’t. If I were to pick some interesting personality traits that I would enjoy, they would be: enjoys talking, people-watching, exploring the town and eating. Another important one for me: she is a driven person that would motivate me, and vice versa. 

HCTX: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?

AA: A high-rise, glass apartment in New York City with a large balcony. I like being surrounded by people and seeing everything. Getting to wake up in a bright, well-lit apartment and getting to eat breakfast looking over a massive landscape is a dream of mine.

HCTX:   What is your ideal job?

AA: This is a bit opposite to where my ideal living location would be, but a chef of a local restaurant in a rural area. I would have a group of locals that I run into daily, make delicious meals in a fast-paced environment and then sit back every night with a clean drink and good company. 

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