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A thank you to my parents

Two years ago when the conversation of college arose at my house, I was certain of one thing: I needed to get as far away from home as possible. Not because my relationship with my parents was bad but because as any other 16-year-old I longed for “freedom”, which I have now come to realize had nothing to do with being at home. Everyone is raised differently depending on our backgrounds, and family history, this was something that was difficult for me to understand which led to resent certain regulations my parents put on me. Two years down the line as a first year college student it all makes sense. My parents gave me a curfew, chores, made sure I hung out with the right people, and prioritized my mental health all for this moment. The moment in which the longed for “freedom” arrived.

Through the college admission process the idea of going far away from home was still relevant but slowly I realized: I need my parents more than I would have ever thought. Throughout the pandemic I was able to build truthful and healthy relationships with my parents, especially with my mom. We bonded like never before and understood why we would clash at times. I mean, as two virgo women it was bound to happen. We were able to apply tools to get along better and now our relationship is stronger than ever even though I am a couple hours away. 

My parents gave me the tools to handle the “freedom” that is being on my own at college. They guided and helped me so that the transition would be smooth and for that I am so thankful. They have been my rocks, my phone call when I am feeling overwhelmed, and the first people I text when something goes well. Without them, I would be lost. They are my drive and motivation as I aspire to make them proud. 

Though one day I hope I am able to study abroad and expand my horizons, for now I am happy that I can easily visit my parents and cuddle in between them to watch TV. I am proud to call them my parents and I know without their hard work and persistence in raising me, I would not be where I am today. They showed me how to fly, how to slowly get out of my cocoon and become a butterfly.

Gracias Mami y Papa.

Hi! My name is Sofia Vargas Karam and I am a first year Journalism major. I am passionate about mental health, traveling and keeping a balanced lifestyle! I was born in Mexico and my dad's side of the family is French and my mom's is Lebanese. My background and family history allow me to have unique views and experiences that I love to share with others!
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