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A Slice of My Culture.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Lately, I’ve been feeling disconnected from my culture. Now, I feel like I’ve never been entirely connected with it in the first place, unfortunately. Except, this time it was making me feel ‘white-washed’. Fortunately, attending university within a city known for its ties with Latin culture allows for endless opportunities to remind me where my family came from. With a few searches, I found my goal for the day: a Dia de Independencia de Mexico celebration.

Originally, I was going to go by myself but then I noticed how long the bus ride was. I figured I could get an Uber, but if I was going to spend money on it I may as well have gotten my money’s worth. I invited two Latin friends and we were on our way to the celebration. Considering it was Sunday and I had barely woken up at 3 pm, we arrived near the end of the celebration, but it didn’t take away from its beauty.

There were several vendors varying from classic Mexican music vinyl to homemade crocheted apparel. Of course, me and my friends spent money and soon had to limit our spending there. Additionally, since it was nearing its end many of the food trucks had left, leaving us hungry until we went back to campus.

Before we ordered another Uber back to West campus, we noticed some people dressed in Aztec attire and we decided to stay for their performance. Looking back, I’m not sure what I was expecting their performance to be, a sort of traditional dance, right? And, yes, it was a dance, but calling it that would not justify the experience of watching them perform. Twenty performers in full Aztec attire spun, stomped, yelled, danced, and displayed an array of swirling colors on stage for the audience.

I will treasure that experience for years to come. Not only to be able to spend time with my friends but to view a small part of my parents’ country’s history and culture. I hope everyone experiences a slice of their heritage as well. Because believe me, it’s unforgettable.

My Queens, Royal Theys, Kings, and anyone in between,

I hope you connect with a piece of your culture and heritage soon,

Because it’s truly breathtaking.

Alma Perez

Texas '25

Hello, ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ I am a current student at UT Austin majoring in Neuroscience. I plan to write about the many experiences I have lived through in the first 19 years of my life. I hope you read and enjoy it! p.s. yes, I have a therapist and psychiatrist, don't worry <3