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Estée Lauder cleanser and melting mask laying on a white bed spread
Estée Lauder cleanser and melting mask laying on a white bed spread
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A Guide to Having Radiant Skin After Pulling an All-Nighter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

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As studious college students, sometimes all-nighters are inevitable. And, as we approach finals season, it’s becoming more and more likely we’ll be in the library finishing that end-of-semester English essay or cramming for our math test.

One of the biggest battles my skin faces during stressful times like this – and when I’m up all night working – is oily skin and big pores. Luckily, the products from the Estée Lauder Nutritious line have allowed me to maintain radiant skin, even after pulling an all-nighter!

Check out the ways you can keep your skin glowing, even when you’re yawning.

Nutritious 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser

This nutrient-rich cleanser can be used either daily or weekly to remove excess oil and impurities while reducing pores on your face. When using it daily, I recommend lathering and massaging the product after your face is damp. And, since this product can be used day and night, simply rinse and repeat!

When used weekly as a purifying mask, I suggest massaging a thin layer onto the skin, especially on the T-Zone, which is what I tend to specifically hone in on. After leaving the product on for one minute, simply rinse it off.

Nutritious Radiant Essence Treatment Lotion

The Radiant Essence Lotion is nutrient-rich, minimizes the look of pores, and helps to prevent redness and reduce excess oil. It also infuses hydration evenly throughout my face, which is why I like to apply it immediately after the 2-in-1 Cleanser! To use it, I simply apply the product all over my face – both in the morning and night – with a cotton pad or clean hands.

Nutritious Melting Soft Créme/Mask Moisturizer

The Melting Soft Creme Mask/Moisturizer is made to calm, hydrate, and strengthen your skin barrier. When used daily, apply the moisturizer all over your cleansed face in the morning and at night. When used weekly, it can be used as a leave-on mask by applying a thin layer for 5 minutes and wiping off the product with a tissue.

I know finals season is going to be rough, but with the proper skincare and self-care, you’ll be able to pull through. Good luck!

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