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I’m fairly used to the heat as a native Floridian, but this summer in Texas was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. While I enjoyed soaking up the sun, spending time on the water, and strutting my best summer outfits, it’s safe to say I’m so ready for cooler temps. Luckily for us here in Austin, the temperature has started to slowly creep into fall territory (the 43-degree weather this week was a complete culture shock). 

If there’s one thing I love about fall, it’s the excuse to get cozy. Blankets, sweaters, soups—you name it. Everything that epitomizes fall has taken over my world in the past few weeks, and I’m loving every minute of it. One of my favorite activities to indulge in during this season is about as simple as it gets: cuddling up with a movie featuring fun snacks, drinks, and comfy clothes. If you don’t know where to start (or you haven’t unpacked your winter gear yet), this guide contains all you need for the best fall movie night. 

A Cozy and comfy Fit 

While I’ve been working harder on my smart-casual style, I’ll always be impartial to my loungewear and athleisure. A few of my cozy fall favorites (and items on my fall wishlist) are the Lululemon Scuba Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Pants, The Alpaca Crew from Everlane, and the Cashmere Jet Set Socks from Alo Yoga. 

Something To Sip On

My roommates and friends always like to feature a special drink when we get together for a movie night. This weekend, we’re streaming the Harry Potter series, accompanied by homemade butter beer. Other great options include hot chocolate and apple cider. The best fall drinks will warm you up and satisfy your sweet tooth.

The main event

Everyone knows that some movies just scream to be streamed the second the weather cools off. Whether they’re set in autumn or just give off the fall ambiance (I’m looking at you, Twilight), these films bring some of the best fall vibes, and they’re available to stream on different platforms.  

Don’t Forget The Snacks!

A fall movie night is the perfect time to whip up a pumpkin dessert or maybe a batch of fall-flavored cookies. Of course, popcorn is always there as a delicious backup plan, but your watch party is guaranteed to appreciate a dash of creativity to your movie night.

Casey is a third-year student at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a journalism degree and a business Spanish certificate. She is currently a food editorial intern at Camille Styles and where she writes and publishes food and lifestyle pieces. In her free time, Casey enjoys cooking, traveling, and practicing yoga. IG: caseymckee_ Blog: KeenlyCasey.com Twitter: casey.mckee7