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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

As the semester progresses, we frequently experience more anxiety and stress due to balancing organizations, jobs, internships, and coursework. Stress turns out to be our best friend, and we just can’t seem to get rid of it. Although there are various methods for reducing stress, using crystals has always been my preferred choice. Below is a guide for crystals ALL students should invest in. 

Fluorite – This crystal is a MUST NEED for all students. Known as the “Genius stone” it helps improve focus, retain information, and remove mental blockages.

Amethyst – This purple and beautiful crystal is known for healing, calmness, and wisdom. It will provide emotional and physical benefits such as deeper sleep, balanced emotions, equanimity, decision-making, and courage. 

Crystal Quartz – Known as the “universal crystal” or “Master healer” this crystal is beneficial for manifesting, meditation, healing, stress relief, and increased focus. 

Agate – This crystal is a balancing stone best used for creating harmony and balance in life, as well as calming anxiety and helping face fears. This crystal would best come in handy before a big presentation, interview, or test. 

Chlorite – Known to be the best crystal for studying, Chlorite helps increase attention span. It provides focus, clarity, and calmness. Remember to pick up this crystal for your next study sesh!

Green Tourmaline – This beautiful green crystal is best for attracting success and abundance. It can also help to stimulate creative energy – definitely will be helpful for those late-night papers!!

Carnelian – Not only is this crystal pleasing to look at but it has many benefits. Carnelian is known to boost confidence, self-esteem, creativity, and expression. It also helps to stabilize all energies surrounding you. Definitely a must-have for midterm and finals season.

Hii! My name is Adrianna and I'm a freshman English major at UT Austin.