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The 7 Days of Spring Break as told by The Office


Day 1

Maybe you didn’t notice but we happen to be getting out on Friday the 13th… 



Day 2

It’s the econd day of break and maybe you’re like me and not going to some warm exotic beach… We can all relate to what Kevin has to say here. 



Day 3

When we try to eat healthy over spring break it feels more like something we are forced to do than something we enjoy. 



Day 4 

You’ve just been sitting around the house these past couple of days, so you decide to call up some friends and go drive around in style. 



Day 5

Bored with that same old hair cut? Maybe its time to try something new over spring break, here are some fresh ideas modeled by Dwight.


Day 6 

This might be a great day to teach yourself a new talent… Just maybe minus the hot coffee and using your feet to try to drink it idea. 



Day 7

Last day before the weekend of having to go back to classes. I think we can all relate to what Erin has to say about it. 



Overall, we are all thankful to have a week off from the stresses of school. This look from Stanley says it all.



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