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I know I shouldn’t do it, but I can’t help but put on something in the background while I do my homework. It’s good to have built-in study breaks anyway! Take a look at this list of shows I’m currently rotating that I think you should check out!


Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

Fleabag is named after the title character played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Based on a play Waller-Bridge wrote, Fleabag holds nothing back as she navigates family, love, and life. This show has only two seasons with six episodes each. You might actually finish the series before you finish your essay!


Love is Blind (Netflix)

Love is Blind is a new reality show deemed experiment in which heterosexual couples date without ever seeing one another’s face. After 10 days in the “pods,” contestants decide whether or not to continue the experiment by getting engaged. The show is as ridiculous as it sounds, but there are touching moments sprinkled throughout. Perhaps not as wild as Jersey Shore, this is still a show that provides the viewer the comfort that they are walking down the right path in life. 


AJ and the Queen (Netflix)

RuPaul is well-known for being the Queen of Drag Queens, especially with the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race. However, RuPaul isn’t just a beautiful queen, she’s also an incredible actor! AJ and the Queen is a touching tale that connects a young girl to RuPaul as they seek to recover from their troubled lives. Funny and sweet, this show will make you reach for the tissues and laugh out loud all at once!


Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

If you’re not already on the Schitt’s Creek bandwagon, you are missing out! Insert clap emojis! The millionaire Rose family finds themselves broke and stuck in the only place that will take them, Schitt’s Creek. The show starts out funnily enough, but after a few seasons, you’ll find yourself madly in love with each character despite their eccentricities and flaws. If you’re a romantic at heart and need a good laugh in between the drudges of textbook chapters, check this show out NOW!


Making It (Hulu)

If you have already watched blown through The Great British Bakeoff* and are looking for something equally as fun and wholesome, Making It might be the ticket for you. Making It is a competition crafting series that will make you less hungry than GBB, which can help combat those Freshmen fifteen. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman from Parks & Recreation* offer wholesome laughs as they explore the incredible talents of people like you and me!


The Masked Singer (Hulu)

The Masked Singer is downright cheesy and unbelievably silly, but I am obsessed! Every week masked celebrities belt out songs in elaborately bizarre costumes as the judges and audience attempt to figure out who they are. The judges make terrible and outrageous comments (I’m talking to you Nicole Scherzinger…) while the audience jams out in the cringest of ways, making this the perfect backdrop to do homework. I literally cannot watch the audience when the characters perform, but I HAVE TO KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THE MASK! Check it out if you want something silly and light-hearted to get you to the next assignment. 


*Bonus shows that you should check out if you are looking for even more fun!

Mandy Burt

Texas '21

Mandy is a senior studying at the Moody College of Communication.
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