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5 Ways to Kickstart your Job Search as a Senior

At some point we were all freshmen who’s biggest concern was passing all of their classes (Freshmen: appreciate this time). But before you know it your years at UT will fly by and you realize you are a senior who needs to find a job. But you don’t want just any job, you want a job doing something you like in an environment you can enjoy. These jobs are not going to find you, you have to find them. My advice is to take a second to write down a few things that are important to you in your job search whether its being close to home, a high salary, small company, big company, relaxed schedule, etc. Once you have an understanding of what you are looking for you need to find as many options as possible, because although you may pick a job, that job may not pick you. To start your job hunt I have listed a few helpful places to search!

  1. CareerSource

UT students are fortunate to have this site that lists all of the internships and jobs that are looking for UT students. You can easily just upload your resume and apply to as many jobs as you please.


  1. HireALonghorn

This site is not just for internships and full time jobs but also for part time jobs that you undergraduates might be looking for.

  1. LinkedIn

Begin picking a few companies that you are interested in or even industries as a whole and use this site to see who you know that works there already. This can be such a great tool as this person can let you know what openings they might have and refer you!

  1. Facebook Pages

One of my former professors started a page for his alumni students to communicate and post job openings in the journalism industry. This was very useful as alumni journalists who currently work for a company were giving you the inside scoop on what their company was looking for. Try to see if there is such a Facebook page in your major as well.



I know we all hear about networking all the time and how important it is, but it is the truth! The amount of jobs that are found just by simply talking with others is unbelievable. You never know what company someone you are talking to works for but if they like you they could help you down the line. Always be prepared to have a little pitch about yourself to tell anybody you are networking with on last minute.



Alright ladies, go hunt for those jobs!!


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