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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

While finishing my final semester at university still in a pandemic, and worsened by Texas snow storms and general insanity, I have definitely fallen down the Tik Tok rabbit hole. Who would have known that the short video platform that I resisted downloading a year ago to my 13 year old sister’s annoyance would be such a central part to my days now? Here are 5 Tik Tok accounts that are completely unrelated, but are total must follows:


Rod seriously appeals to my inner cusper (millennial & Gen Z) heart. From relatable work and career fears, to throwbacks of our early 90’s years, Rod’s videos are the epitome of early midlife crisis humor that we have all felt at one point or another. In a lot of ways, he feels like a friend I would definitely have in real life.


Follow Tyler for some of the most relaxing but hilarious life and couple content. This man has the ability to somehow make me laugh until I cry while also feeling like I am in the safest place with his soft spoken voice and kind eyes. If you enjoy accounts that make you feel as though you’ve known them forever and you are a part of their life, this is a must-follow.


One of the most exciting days of 2020 was when I stumbled across the gem that is the Laika Studios Tik Tok page. If you are unfamiliar with the company, you definitely are familiar with their productions- this is the mothership of the movies Coraline, Paranorman, Box Trolls, and Kubo. This account takes you through the intricate behind-the-scenes of claymation and shows how some of our most beloved scenes are made.


If you have ever worked in the restaurant business, Drew Talbert hits the nail on the head every time in his content. A one man show, he plays an eclectic set of characters who embody the people that anyone who has worked in the service industry has come across at least once – I always find myself literally laughing out loud at his skits.


Remi Bader is my absolute goal for body positivity, self love, and just plain keeping it real! Her content focuses on the reality of brand sizing through “realistic try on hauls”, highlighting the most size inclusive brands and exposing the worst. If you love down to earth, fashion-centric profiles, she is your gal.

Senior at the University of Texas at Austin double majoring in Business Marketing and Plan II Honors (Interdisciplinary studies). Currently interning on the operations and marketing side of interior design and aspiring to make a career out of fashion and writing. Passionate about learning, creativity, and words.
Chandler is a senior at UT double majoring in English and Chinese while pursuing a Certificate in Global Management. She currently serves as one of HerCampus Texas' Campus Correspondents and adores live music, dogs, friends, and mindful living ♥