5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for SXSW Updates

Believe it or not, spring break is on the horizon! Which, on top of a lot of other exciting things, means that the glorious SXSW festival is almost upon us. Planning for SXSW can be a headache because of how vast the festival is, we're talking Interactive, Film, AND Music! What is really helpful when sorting through all of the info when planning is knowing where to find the most helpful updates. Check out five Twitter accounts below to follow now! 

1. The Official SXSW Twitter (@sxsw

Ths is really the basic number one account. Definitely helps to have official info on hand. 


2. South By Free Noms! (@SouthByFreeNOMS)

If you're a SXSW veteran, you know how much free eatin' goes down during the festival. (And if you don't, well then I count myself lucky to spoil that surprise). This account helps you stay in the know and keep your taste buds and tummy happy. 

3. SXSWhoa (@SXSWhoa)


One of the most comprehensive accounts dedicated to South By. Seriously, they're in the know and they pack a good humerous punch while they're at it. 


4. RSVPster (@rsvpster)

RSVPs can be a tricky thing to navigate at SXSW sometimes. RSVPster offers a service where they automatically add you to RSVP lists, it's not free but for some people who do not want to deal with manually RSVPing, this might be what you are looking for. But if you are going the free route, their Twitter account is still very useful when it comes to RSVP info.



Okay... SXSW is a BIG deal. And this guy gets that. He also has a couple Spotify playlists linked to his account featuring artists coming to the festival which is awesome. 


Happy tweeting and SXSW planning! 

All photos courtesy of each individual account. Cover photo courtesy of Pigeons & Planes.