5 TikTok Food Trends You Should Try

I’m guilty of always scrolling through TikTok, and I especially love being on FoodTok where my for you page is full of new recipes to cook and new desserts to bake!

Looking for something different to try? Here are a few food trends on TikTok, some odder than others, but continue to circulate TikTok and the internet.

  1. 1. Feta Pasta

    I am shocked that people haven’t heard about this dish. I am told that this originally grew popular in Finland, to the point that grocery stores were running out of feta cheese! The dish usually consists of garlic, cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil, and your chosen seasonings. All of this is put into a baking dish with a block of feta cheese baked, mashed, mixed in with pasta of your choice, and topped with fresh basil. I’m a major pasta lover, so I want to try this out. I’ve also seen people do their own twists on the dish by substituting feta for different cheeses like ricotta or burrata! Either way, you should give this a try and see how worth the hype it is.

  2. 2. Tortilla Trend

    This one’s super easy and a cool little twist on your typical wrap. It blows my mind every time, but essentially you grab a large tortilla and make a small cut in the bottom middle of the tortilla. This will give you four sections in each corner to add any toppings of your choice. Once you start folding it, you should end up with a delicious tortilla pocket stuffed with a little bit of everything. You can really switch it up with this tortilla trend. I’ve seen sandwich ones, taco ones, breakfast ones, and even sweet ones with fruit and Nutella. Yum!

  3. 3. Accordion Potatoes

    I am a lover and fan of everything potato-related. These accordion potatoes are cut in a specific way, then baked to get the potatoes to that perfect crispy texture. I highly suggest looking up how to make these, they’re much easier to do once you see a video of the process. I’ll be trying these out because they look so good, and I want to experience that crunch! Also, they look like little cute accordions, hence the name.

  4. 4. Potato Chip Mashed Potatoes

    I’ve never seen this before, and I thought it was initially a joke, but some people have been pouring whole bags of potato chips into boiling water. They crush the chips, mix it up, and cook it till it becomes a mashed potato consistency, it’s like making instant mashed potatoes. Once it’s “cooked”, most season with salt and pepper and add butter to taste. I don’t know who first thought to dump their chips into boiling water, but maybe I should try it as my next experiment.

  5. 5. Chicken Made From Bread (a.k.a Seitan)

    This is the most recent one I’ve seen go viral, and I had never heard of it before, and it was insane to me. Basically, water and flour are combined, washed, kneaded, seasoned, twisted and knotted, pan-fried––like chicken! It’s called Seitan, and now more people, including me, are learning more about it. I’ve seen many variations of how to cook it and season it; you can treat it like regular chicken. It’s a great vegan substitute, and honestly, I want to give it a try for myself and see just what it’s all about.