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5 Things You Have to Keep in Your Backpack This Back to School Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

With classes being back in session at most universities, here are my top 5 backpack essentials that everyone should be sure to pack for a long day on campus. 

  1. A jacket

Although Texas heat can be brutal, especially during the start of the school year, many buildings keep their classrooms cool to say the least. A jacket that you can keep in your backpack is a must, especially for those 3 hour lectures with no end in sight. 

  1. An umbrella

I’ve heard so many horror stories of classmates getting caught in the rain while leaving class. Because of this, I have luckily always kept my umbrella in my backpack. Texas weather is unpredictable, so even if it’s bright and sunny when you leave in the morning, still slip that umbrella in your bag. 

  1. Snacks and water

Hunger can strike at any moment and you don’t always have time between classes to stop for lunch. Keeping small snacks like granola bars and yogurt pretzels in my backpack has been a lifesaver throughout my college experience. I also always bring my water bottle with me for the day because hydration is important but I refuse to pay $4 for one at the cafe.

  1. Every charger you own 

Walking to class with dead airpods is the most humbling experience you could imagine. Bringing all of your device chargers with you to classes is important to avoid a silent walk. They also come in handy when you impulsively stay late at the library to get ahead on that assignment for once in your life. 

  1. Smell-good essentials

Gum, deodorant, perfume… need I say more? 

Hi! I'm Katie and I'm a junior psychology major here at UT Austin. I love reading, self care and my cat, Cleo!