5 Things Retail Workers Hate

Retail work is a very common job experience in anyone’s occupational past. Just about every girl has experienced work at some major retail chain and, at times, it’s enjoyable. You get to meet people, the atmosphere is often fun and you work alongside your peers. The pay isn't that bad and you often have the ability to go without wearing a uniform ('cause who likes those).

Retail workers can and will anonymously agree that these are the top five pet peeves of their industry:


1. When you drop something and don’t pick it up.

“I literally watch people drop things all the time. Crazy thing is that some people watch the item fall, see it on the floor, but will not even think about picking it up” - Kristinia S.

2. When you don't put the money in our hand, especially when you just sit the change on the counter.

“ Do you know how annoying and hard it is to pick up change when you’re nails are done? It sucks, bro! It's even worse on the occasion you stick out your hand to collect the change and they still place it on the counter. SMH.” - Perla G.

3. Snooty attitudes.

“ I have you know this isn't our end-all-be-all. Yes, we work here, but there is no need to think our job is beneath you.” - MiKayla S.

4. Catching a thief.

“When there’s a suspected thief in store, everyone knows! We have a game plan to catch you, before you even decide to walk out the store. It really sucks when the person everyone thinks is stealing is around your age. It especially sucks when it looks like you could possibly get along with them. Instead of catching them red-handed, what you really wanna do is tell them to put whatever they stole back before they get in big time trouble” - Tiffani W.

5. When you let your kid be destructive.

“It's one thing to let your kid run around, but it's another thing to let them be intentionally destructive. I don't always mind seeing kids run in and out the racks but when they begin to deliberately unfold clothes and snatch things off the hangers, please control your *expletive* children”- Sasha P.