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5 Simple Make-Up Tips To Look More Awake

For most of us collegiettes™, sleep is something we seem to never get enough of with our busy schedules. It’s sometimes alarming how different we look when we are tired compared to when we are awake and alert. Since we don’t live in an ideal world where we can always get plenty of sleep and wake up looking refreshed and bright, here are five simple make-up tips that take little time and will leave you looking effortlessly radiant: 

  1. Concealer for dark circles:Dark circles are one of the main pesky problems girls face when they are tired or not feeling their best. Lightly dabbing some concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone underneath your eyes will diminish these dark circles, making your eyes look bigger and brighter. Cream concealers work wonders because they are easy to blend into the skin for a natural effect. MAC Studio Finish Concealer is great for this!
  2. Silver/white shadow for inner corners of eyes:This is a make-up trick that literally takes seconds, and once you start paying attention, you will notice a lot of celebrities use this easy tip as well. Applying a small amount of light-colored eye shadow to the inner corners of the eyes makes eyes appear glowing. To make this look very natural, apply the shadow with your fingers so you can blend it thoroughly. Try Almay Intense i-Color shadow kit in Trio For Blues.
  3. Sheer blush:If you are not a foundation person or don’t have time for an extensive make-up routine every morning but still want to look naturally glowing and lively, blush is a great way to make your features pop. Cream blush is especially good, because it is easy to blend and takes little time to apply. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush will give a perfectly subtle rosiness to your cheeks.
  4. Line upper lids:Lining the upper lids of your eyes is a subtle way to make your eyes stand out. Slightly extending the line a little past the outer rim of your eyes (making a tiny “winged” eye look) also helps make your eyes look bigger and less tired. To add a fun twist, use colored eye-liner and make a thin line on the upper lids to brighten the whole face. Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner is a good option.
  5. Shading in eyebrows:Defining your brows is a make-up trick I never thought actually made a difference until I tried it and was amazed at how much it flatters and defines everyone. If I am running late and don’t have much time for make-up but still want to make myself look rested, this is my go-to method. The Benefit brow kit is my make-up essential for this.

Even if you don’t have time to use all of these make-up tips at once, using any one of these simple tricks is a great way to make yourself look natural and bright-complexioned. Making yourself appear less tired will allow you to not only feel better as you go about your day, but it will also send a message to others that you are alert and on top of things. The next time you look in the mirror and start regretting not getting enough sleep the night before, pick one or two of these suggestions for a quick pass to looking bright and awake! 

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