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5 Elevated Tennis Shoes That You Need for Campus

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Finding comfortable shoes to walk around on campus is the hardest thing ever! As someone who just got foot surgery this past summer, I hate that I only wear workout clothes and running shoes to classes. I have tried to find ways to wear cute outfits with shoes that support my feet, but when I try, I fail so badly. So I kept asking myself how I could dress cute to class without wearing sneakers that didn’t hurt my feet… *cough cough– Converse. Well, you guessed it! Elevated tennis shoes that are not uncomfortable, flat, and narrow like Converse’s or Nike Air Force Ones. Because it is hard to compromise cute versus comfortable, here are five elevated tennis shoes that are comfy and cute and can definitely pair well without workout clothes.

1. New Balance – Made in USA 993

On their website, these shoes are under the walking shoe section on New Balance’s website, and boy, are they cute. They still have a running shoe built perfectly to aid your feet on long walks and come in wider shoe sizes so your toes won’t get squished to death.

2. Nike Fontanka Waffle

This shoe is the best of both worlds. It comes in several different color variations and has a running shoe body with small elevated details to give it a more elegant look. This shoe pairs perfectly with jean shorts and even mom jeans themself.

3. Veja x BA&SH Natural Steel

Man, are these shoes super pricey, but boy, are they cute. Depending on your budget, these shoes are expensive but still offer comfortable shoes for long campus walks. In addition, the natural shades this shoe has match any outfit perfectly.

4. Adidas Retropy E5 shoes

These shoes have the word retro in the name, and they are. This pair looks almost like the Nike Cortez’s but with a less flat bottom that pairs better for walking. The different color variations and the suede details will let you find a pair you’re bound to fall in love with.

5. Adidas Terrex Voyager 21 Travel Sneaker

This pair is so much fun to look at. In my eyes, these shoes give off a utility look with a laid-back lounge-wear feel. 

Regardless if you walk five miles or five minutes to class, it’s always best to wear good shoes that support your natural foot arch and obviously don’t squish your toes, giving your blisters. These shoes are just a few of many that can allow you to wear a cute fit to class but also make the commute to class light and bearable.

Talisa Treviño is a Junior (2025) Journalism major and Government minor in the Moody College Honors Program at The University of Texas. She is interested in audio storytelling and feature writing. When she has down time her hobbies include watching too much Bravo reality TV shows and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.