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Now that spring has officially begun, I am looking to update my TBR to make room for some books that fit the spring mood. And if you’re on the lookout for some spring reading recs, I have some suggestions for you that are sure to get you out of your winter mood and make way for the beautiful period of growth and rebirth that is springtime.

The Secret Garden

If you’re searching for a simple, yet heartfelt and beautiful read to get you in the spring mood look no further than The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This novel is a classic for a reason and if there’s any perfect time to pick it up, it’s springtime. The story follows a young orphaned girl and a sickly boy who find themselves living together and bonding over their shared interest in a hidden garden found on their shared grounds in the English countryside. This coming-of-age tale is beautiful with its magical feel and innocent characters. If you’re like me and already read the novel as a child, the nostalgic feel of spring makes me want to revisit the book and fall back in love with The Secret Garden.

The Cruel Prince

Although I typically like to reserve my high fantasy reads for a winter setting while curled up in my warm bed, the young adult novel The Cruel Prince by Holly Black is a great read for spring to revel in all its natural splendor and fae court intrigue. This book evokes some series of spring vibes with its flowery language and characters and will make you want to search for a toadstool faerie circle just to experience the magical and mysterious land of Elfhame. Accompanying the novel’s otherworldly pastoral setting, the story itself is fraught with political intrigue, betrayal, and romance as the novel’s mortal protagonist Jude has to deftly navigate the fae court’s intrigue. This story will sweep you off your feet and is the perfect read to begin in a hammock, picnic blanket, or however you enjoy your spring days.

The Hidden Life of Trees

If fiction isn’t really your thing but you’re still interested in getting in the spring mood with some literary inspiration, look no further than The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben. This non-fiction work of art depicts the secret interactions, processes, and downright fascinating inner workings of the lives of trees and their communities. This book doesn’t require you to have an intense love of science to understand and appreciate, and even typical fiction readers can find themselves enjoying the contemplative philosophies of life, not exclusive to trees, that this book explores. Since spring is the season of growth and rebirth, what better way to celebrate it than investing some of your reading time to learn about the world around you? 

Pride and Prejudice

If you’re looking for a time to finally read one of the best love stories of all time, consider this your official order to add Pride and Prejudice to your spring TBR. I think the sunny and warm days of spring are the perfect time to indulge in romantic period literature and I believe that almost any Jane Austen novel would be a great choice, but Pride and Prejudice is my ultimate pick. Austen’s flowery and playful use of language is a delight to read and reflects the comical dynamics of the Bennet family and compliments the intense relationship Elizabeth Bennet finds herself in with a wealthy Mr. Darcy. The icy feelings of the opposed lovers transform into a beautiful romance like winter changes to spring and will leave you full of warmth.

Life of Pi

Springtime is a time to reflect and celebrate the beauty of nature and life and one book that I feel exemplifies this concept is Life of Pi by Yann Martel. This novel is filled with deep philosophy on the subjects of religion, nature, and metaphysics all in an entertaining narrative about a boy stuck on a small boat in the middle of the ocean with a Bengal tiger. Yann Martel will have you enraptured with his whimsical storytelling and compelling characters. Deeply emotional and introspective without being too dense, I highly recommend checking this book out, especially to welcome the spring season.

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