3 Tips for Self Improvement

Recently, I wrote a letter to myself. I found myself down on my luck with an overwhelming, pessimistic point a view and an attitude at everyone and everything. I don’t know everything in the world, but I do know enough to confidently say that I am not the only girl who goes about life feeling that way. It took time, but I realized that “self-care” meant more than just keeping your nails and hair done. Here’s how I trekked my way to bettering myself;


1. Write a letter to yourself

No one should love you more than you love yourself. Take some time out of your day to write an encouraging letter to yourself filled to the brim with loving words and phrases of encouragement. I read my letter every night before bed, as I’m using the toilet and even before I leave my apartment.


2. Create healthy habits

What are you doing in your spare time? I realized that most of mine was spent doing things that I should not have been doing. So much was holding me back from my fullest potential, but after making a commitment to create healthy habits, my productivity has been through the roof! Promise yourself the acquisition of a hobby. Try sewing, drawing or whatever! Make a commitment to spend more time outside and the possibilities are endless as you begin to find and develop parts of yourself.


3. Do things alone

Learn to be comfortable being alone. You do not always have to have someone accompany you to the movies or even to a restaurant. There will likely be a point when no one can join you for a night out. Being comfortable with being alone will elevate your mental and emotional maturity.