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As the sun goes down, people in Austin are having fun. As the sun comes up, people in Austin are still having fun. The allure of a culturally rich city like Austin is the sense of endless possibility. There are countless opportunities for activities and experiences all contained in a semi-walkable area. It’s exciting and inspiring. Everyone in Austin seems to be teeming with excitement and suspense, waiting for the next adventure that’s just around the corner (or down a few blocks). 

The students at the University of Texas at Austin are especially brimming with eagerness and anticipation. We walk around campus surrounded by discovery: academic realizations, finding new ways to get to class, meeting new people, etc. Simultaneously, we are encased in the delightful and tempting city of Austin. Having access to so many opportunities is a gift, undoubtedly. However, with so many choices comes a difficulty to decide. 

No one likes to miss out. FOMO is very real. Choosing an activity can be hard, especially when there are so many choices. This fall, make sure you’re not the one missing out. Use this list to make having some fall-themed fun in Austin as easy as pumpkin pie.

Try the Pumpkin Pancakes at Kerbey Lane Cafe 

Trust me, you will not want to miss out on these fall-exclusive pancakes. Kerbey Lane makes my personal fall fantasy come to life with this delicious option. Get ‘em while they’re hot! 

Get Spooked at a Haunted House 

There are many options for haunted houses in Austin, one of which is the House of Torment. Be prepared to scream! 

Drink All the Fall Coffee 

Y’all probably already know and love this fall-themed activity. I would recommend the fall blend from Medici, anything pumpkin spice from Starbucks, and the tres leches latte from Foxtrot. 

Head On Over to Pumpkin Nights 

This year will be my personal first time attending, and I am SO excited. Let’s take the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the spooky season with activities and elaborate decorations!

Venture Out of Austin… Visit Fredericksburg 

The small town of Fredericksburg is perfect for a weekend getaway. The midterm season can be crazy. Don’t forget to prioritize slowing down and relaxing! 

Try a Pumpkin Chai Pie from Tiny Pies 

If you love pie and hate sharing, check out Tiny Pies! They have (you guessed it) tiny pies that are packed with huge flavor. Choose treats over tricks and give them a try this fall!

Watch a Drive-In Movie 

Austin has a great drive-in movie theater called the Blue Starlite Drive In which is perfect for a romantic date night. As the single girl I am, I will be going on a date night with friends!

Attend Mexic-Arte’s “Viva la Vida” Festival 

This festival represents Dia de los Muertos through traditional foods, local artists, retail booths, and more. Don’t miss out on this beautiful celebration! 

Go to a Concert 

The Moody Center is hosting several fabulous artists this fall, such as Doja Cat, the Jonas Brothers, KISS, Aerosmith, and more. Oh! And there’s ACL!

Get to Know Austin’s Bats at the Congress Avenue Bridge

Did you know that there are tons of bats that migrate in and out of Austin? If you catch them on the right night in late October/early November, you might see them begin their journey! 

Go to Trader Joe’s 

PSA: Trader Joe’s has wonderful fall-flavored/scented/looking items! One of my favorites (as someone who is not allowed to burn candles in my residence) is the scented brooms! 

Visit the Dripping Springs Pumpkin Festival

In need of some aesthetic fall photos for your Instagram feed? Look no further than the Dripping Springs Pumpkin Festival in Austin! Cute pumpkin patch pics are just around the corner.

Host a Fall Movie Night 

Invite some friends over and watch whatever movie gets you in the fall/spooky spirit! My favorite is Hocus Pocus!

Check Out the Austin Food and Wine Festival 

Austin is known for its unmatched culinary prowess. On November 4-5, experience the legendary flavors of Austin firsthand at the Austin Food and Wine Festival. 

Try a New Farmer’s Market 

As a third-year student at UT Austin, I have yet to try the farmer’s market in Mueller. Don’t wait! Check out a new farmer’s market this fall! There are several (Lakeline, Barton Creek, etc). 

Show Your Creative Side: Paint Your Pumpkins this Year 

This is a significantly less messy option, as opposed to carving pumpkins, and it is perfect for anyone living in a dorm! Grab your pumpkin and some paints and try it out!

Shop for the Upcoming Winter Holidays at Blue Genie Art Bazaar 

Find the best (and most Austin-y) gifts ever at Blue Genie! The Bazaar opens on November 17 and I’m already excited! 

Celebrate Friendsgiving with Your Austin Besties

My friends and I love this tradition! Potluck-style is best to keep costs low and to share different Thanksgiving favorites. 

Experience “Boo at the Zoo” 

This event features a haunted house, a haunted train ride, and a spook-tastic animal show! Tickets are limited so get yours ASAP.

Enjoy the Fall Weather! Have a Picnic

The weather is finally cooling down in Austin and what better way to celebrate than by having a nice outdoor picnic! The front lawn on campus or Zilker Park are great options for locations! 

No matter what you end up doing this fall, remember to have fun and be thankful! Austin is a great city for exploring and celebrating. Don’t be afraid to get out there and claim this city as your own. Austin is ready for you! There is no shortage of options, but that is part of what makes Austin so special! My intention with this list is to make it easier for folks to decide on activities. Let’s make this fall the best one yet! 

Hi y’all! My name is Jane Cleary. I am a third year quadruple major in Plan II Honors, Women’s and Gender Studies, Spanish, and International Relations and Global Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. I am passionate about body positivity, equity, traveling, and mental health. Hook ‘em!