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15 Things I’ve Learned in my Freshman Year of College

1. This is a staple in a freshman’s diet at some points throughout the year. 

2. Do not start writing a paper the night before its due, because you will end up staying up all night. 


3. I’ve never missed having an animal so much in my life! Now every time I see one on campus I immediately act like this:


4. The PCL is the best/worst place to go for studying.

5. Living in a dorm isn’t as bad as some people say it is.


6. It’s never felt so nice to be driven around in my life after all of the walking I do on campus every day. Now I just feel like this dog when I’m riding along with the windows down:

7. Never has it been so acceptable to wear an oversized t-shirt and shorts to class on the regular. At times I forget what it’s even like to wear normal clothing.

8. Nothing feels better than getting a good grade on a test you spent DAYS studying for.

9. It’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do with your life. You have plenty of time to figure it out.

10. Austin is such an amazing city that has so much to offer everyone. 

11. It’s so nice to go home and not eat dining hall food for a couple of days.

12. A call back home to your parents can help you through the worst of days.

13. Something to live and die by in college: This is what has gotten me through the days I’ve been so exhausted.

14. Never forget to have fun while at college. Yes you are here to do schoolwork, but it’s all right to let loose and go out with friends on the weekend. Don’t forget to go out and meet people while you are here at UT.

15. While college is not easy, I’ve learned that I can always rely on the friends I’ve made to get me through a bad day.



University of Texas at Austin Freshman from Ohio
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